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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Are Organic Foods Better for You?

BRISTOL, UNITED KINGDOM - SEPTEMBER 12:  A gen...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
By Leah Goldsmith

If you have visited the grocery store in the last while, you probably have noticed that some foods are marked as 100% organic. You might even be tempted to buy because you know that there is a better taste to these kinds of foods. Organic foods indeed are better because they are grown with the methods used by farmers in the past, with no pesticides and of course no genetic modifications.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

All About Tea

In China, tea leaf is in cup Like Bali coffee....Image via Wikipedia
By Ralph Horace

Several people often relates a cup of tea as something very English. One time remaining pleasure of English tradition is having tea in the afternoon served in a fine china antique tea set along with a scone. As a way to deal with the heat and humidity, tea became popular to the British around the time of the Raj to keep from becoming dehydrated. At present, tea is loved by everyone.

Pleasure Cooking

Homeschooled children in the kitchenImage via Wikipedia

Far too often we get caught up in the necessity of cooking so as to eat and forget the complete joy which can be found through the act of cooking. Needless to say this is not limited to stovetop cooking. There are many men and women all over the world who find baking to be an incredibly enjoyable pastime along with traditional stovetop cooking or even barbecuing on a grill. The primary distinction occurs in how you perceive your cooking projects.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Importance of A High-Fiber Diet

Dry fruitImage via Wikipedia
By Abraham Itunnu

Fiber is one of the primary elements of healthy diet. If the body isn't getting the required amounts of natural fiber, the person can be susceptible to disorders such as constipation, gas pain, and worse colon cancer. For those who are hoping to have a nutritious eating plan, fiber is probably one of the key elements to that plan. The sad thing is that many still do not take fiber too seriously. Here's a look at the many advantages of consuming high fiber foods.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fast Diets Can Do Great Found Online

"Still life: Excess". Oil on canvas,...Image via Wikipedia
By Jason Smith

Diets are everywhere. There are fad diets, and crash diets. Fast diets are those that are easy to keep up with. The type of diet that you will choose will depend greatly on your personal body type. Finding diets to try is simple. Keep in mind that no matter what diet you choose to go with, exercise needs to be a part of your health plan.

Blueberry Muffin

By Patricia Miller

Blueberry Muffins are everbody's preferred and it is also extremely easy to make these scrumptious muffins at home. While making these muffins, you have to be extremely watchful as blueberry muffins habitually tend to be hard. Also, you must know the taste and look of a suitable blueberry muffin. A perfect muffin's outside isn't hard. Also, when pulled from its muffin paper or popped out directly from the muffin pan it comes out completely and easily. Therefore, we bring to you several trouble-free and straightforward guidelines on how to make a muffin extra tender and moist. You could merely follow these tips and ideas as preparing those delicious blueberry muffins.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why Soybeans Can Be Unhealthy To Men

Varieties of soybeans are used for many purposes.Image via Wikipedia
By Crystal Nichols

Soybeans and soy products are now very popular in the USA. This popularity is still high even though soy products have dangerous side effects. Unfortunately, these side effects are not even known to a number of them. The industry knows this too well and will maintain status quo.

Children's Party Pointers - Catering For The Choosy Small Ones

At Evan's second birthday party (Gymboree)Image via Wikipedia
By Jason Kings

Preparing your little kid's birthday party should be as enjoyable as the party itself. While children aren't the kind to be mute about their criticisms, they are simple to please. Just make everything cool, colorful and enjoyable, and the rest will be a snap.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Save Money And Make Your Own Flavored Coffee

A photo of a cup of coffee.Image via Wikipedia
By George Napoli

It was not that long ago that everyone was happy with a cup of coffee that they brewed in their own kitchen. Of course that was also when people were content to drink water from the tap, instead of purchasing bottled water. Now it seems like the day just is not right unless we've stopped at our favorite coffee shop and ordered a mug of our favorite flavored coffee. The problem is that even though the coffee tastes great, it is also really expensive and pretty soon you find yourself cutting things from your budget just so you can get your coffee fix. To save money, you could make your own coffee.

How To Make Healthy Meals Choices!

Thousand Island Dressing on a plate of salad. ...Image via Wikipedia

It is Thursday afternoon, you have thirty minutes to get from work, go by the house and pickup Heath, Jamie's already at basketball practice, oh, and what about dinner? Does this scenario seem familiar? If you're a working Mom, I can promise that it's a familiar scene.

So how do you make wholesome food choices, when you only have fifteen minutes to put together your meals? Well, the first thing you should understand is that fairly frequently, wholesome choices do not necessarily equate to two hour meals. You are able to make wholesome meals options which are as quick to prepare or pickup as the unhealthy ones.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Juicing Recipes And Their Role In Weight Loss

Tomato Juice in a glas, decorated with tomato ...Image via Wikipedia
By Joseph Dumizo

If you plan to lose weight and are not able to do it then definitely, you are missing something. Losing weight requires dedication, consistency, and needless to say consuming the right kind of diet. It has been seen that having control on diet is the most important and difficult aspect of weight loss. Individuals face loads of difficulties in giving away their favorite food items and eating vegetables and fruits. If you are also going through the same phase, juicing recipes would be able to do miracles for you. Juices are considered one of the very best things for weight loss and you can include them in your diet for getting the best results.

What Is The Best Food To Eat To Lose Weight

The “weigh” he was Camp America commandant los...Image via Wikipedia
By Johnson Smith

Have you any idea what's the ideal food to eat to lose weight? It may be very perplexing, low-fat, sugar-free, low-calorie, low-carb, it's difficult to understand what to select without the benefit of some investigation and advice. The very best options are meals you know is going to be very easily integrated directly into your everyday, weekly, and then life time diet regime. "Exactly why should it be a lifelong effort?" you might ask. For any results of eating to lose weight to be able to last, make selections you are able to deal with easily.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

M.Y. San Grahams Recipes

By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

I have always admired a colleague who is a teacher, student, business woman, friend, wife and most of all a mother of three beaming children. You might not believe how much she handles all roles in a day but she has made it all these years. She is forty three years old but you can never see in her any trace of hardship in fulfilling her responsibilities. She is as lovely and gay everyday. She said that she simply love her husband and children and would always inspire herself with the thought that the happiness they can give to her can't be bought with money and gold. I can really see in her what's the importance of marrying someone we love in achieving a desirable marriage.

One thing I love about her, she is always a good cook and she was able to share with me these simple, quick and easy dessert recipes that she often prepares on their table on weekends, the only uninterrupted days she can be with her family. If she has her children to try the taste of her Grahams home-made goodies, I have my friends in church who are really a ready support in tasting these recipes.

And let me share to you what they have to say about what I have made for them to taste that day.

Janice, a single and inspired friend who was teaching native dance steps to the youth that day told me that teaching the dance steps is never hard at all if it means having another slice of my Grahams Mango Float.

Lovely, indeed a lovely friend of mine even licked that tin pan where there are crumbs of Grahams Brownies left. She said that she can't afford to waste a single crumb because she just love the taste of it.

But I like what Enrique had said, "Juvy, you are now ready to be married because you are a superb cook!"

It might all be flattery or not but everyone has enjoyed the food and they are crying for more. You can do these recipes at home and taste it for yourself.

Chocolate Grahams Tiramisu

You will need:

18        pieces M.Y. San Grahams Chocolate
1/2       cup coffee mixture (1 tsp coffee + 2 tsps sugar + 1/2 cup water)
2          tbsps sugar
225      grams Magnolia Cream Cheese
1/2       cup confectioner's sugay
1          box all purpose cream, chilled
2          tbsps cocoa powder

Here's how:

1. MIX - In a bowl, mix cheese and confectioner's sugar until light and fluffy. In a separate bowl, whip all purpose cream until double in volume. Put whipped cream in cheese mixture. Blend well.
2. DIP - In a bowl, combine coffee mixture and sugar. Dip M.Y. San Grahams Chocolate in the mixture.
3. LAYER - In a serving dish, lay 6 pieces of soaked crackers. Spread 1/3 of cream mixture evenly. Make 2 more layers using the soaked crackers and remaining cream. Garnish top layer with cocoa powder. Chill before serving.

Chocolate Grahams Silvanas

You will need:

7         pieces M.Y. San Grahams Chocolate, cut into 3
1/4      cup M.Y. San Grahams Chocolate, crushed
1/4      cup butter
1/4      cup vegetable shortening
           pinch of salt
1/2      cup confectioner's sugar
1/2      teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2      cup unsalted peanuts, crushed

Here's how:

1. Do filling: In a bowl, cream butter and vegetable shortening until smooth and well blended. Add salt, confectioner's sugar and vanilla extract. Cream until fluffy. Fold in nuts. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.
2. Do base: Take a piece of cut Grahams Chocolate, spread 1 tablespoon of filling, top with another piece of cut Grahams Chocolate. Freeze for 5 minutes. Spread filling on the outside of base and roll in crushed Grahams Chocolate. Chill and serve.

Grahams Buco Delight

You will need:

2 1/4      cup Fresh coconut, meat and cut into strips
3/4         cup Coconut water
3/4         cup Sugar
1/3         cup Cornstarch
3/4         cup Evaporated Milk
2            cups M.Y. San Crushed Grahams

Here's how:

1. In a medium sized pan, combine coconut water, and sugar.
2. Cook over medium heat until sugar is completely dissolved.
3. In a small bowl, dissolve cornstarch in evaporated milk.
4. Pour milk-cornstarch mixture into the coconut water.
5. Whisk well until no lumps form and mixture coats back of spoon.
6. Add coconut meat and cook for 5 minutes.
7. In a 9 x 9 x 3 glass dish, evenly spread 1/2 cup of M.Y. San Crushed Grahams on the base.
8. Pour 1/3 of the Coconut mixture on top of the grahams base. Spread evenly.
9. Repeat the procedure with the remaining ingredients ending with grahams on top.
10. Chill the prepared dessert for at least 1 hour or until mixture is slightly firm.

Grahams Brownies

You will need:

1         cup M.Y. San Crushed Grahams
1/4      cup Peanuts, toasted, chopped
2         tablespoons Confectioner's sugar
1         tablespoon peanut butter
1         tablespoon Condensed Milk
2         tablespoons White Sugar
3         tablespoons Cocoa Powder
1/4      cup butter or margarine, melted

Here's how:

1. In a medium sized bowl combine, M.Y. San Crushed Grahams, peanuts, confectioner's sugar, peanut butter and condensed milk. Mix very well.
2. In a separate small bowl, combine cocoa powder, sugar and butter or margarine. Mix until well blended.
3. Pour cocoa-butter mixture into Grahams.
4. Mix until very well blended.
5. Pour mixture into 9 x 9 x 2 pan.
6. Chill for 30 minutes or until firm.
7. Slice into serving portions.

Grahams Banana Cream

You will need:

8-10     pieces M.Y. San Grahams
2          tablespoons Sugar
1/2       tablespoon Cornstarch
3/4       cup evaporated milk
1          piece egg yolk
1/2       tablespoon butter or margarine
1/4       teaspoon Vanilla Extract
2          pieces bananas, lacatan, sliced 1/4" thick

Here's how:

1. In a medium sized pan, combine cornstarch, sugar and milk.
2. Cook over low heat until cornstarch and sugar are completely dissolved.
3. Place egg yolk in a small bowl. Add 1 tablespoon milk mixture and mix well.
4. Pour egg-milk mixture into the pan. Mix until well blended.
5. Add vanilla and butter and cook until mixture coats back of spoon.
6. Add sliced bananas and cook for 3-5 minutes.

To Assemble:
1. Line a 6 x 6 pan with a layer fo M.Y. San Grahams
2. Pour 1/3 of the mixture on top of M.Y. San Grahams and spread evenly.
3. Create 2 more layers alternating grahams and banana cream mixture.
4. Chill for 1 hour until firm.
5. Cut into serving portions.


  • Soak sliced bananas in water until ready to cook, to prevent browning
  • Make sure bananas are just the right degree of ripeness to achieve the desired flavor and amount of sweetness.
  • Could add more bananas if desired.
  • Could add toasted, chopped peanuts for more flavo

Chocolate Grahams Mousse

You will need:

1/2        cup M.Y. San Grahams Chocolate, crushed
3           tablespoons melted butter
1 1/2     tablespoons all purpose cream
1/4        cup all purpose cream, chilled
18         pieces Ricoa Curly Tops

Here's how:

1. Mixed crushed Grahams Chocolate and melted butter until well blended. Press crumbs in all sides of a small dish. Freeze for 20 minutes or until firm.
2. Put Curly Tops in a stainless steel bowl. Put bowl over a saucepan filled with 2 inches of water. Heat over low fire until chocolate is melted.
3. Spoon about 3 tablespoons of melted chocolate into chilled crush and spread to coat thinly. Chill.
4. Put remaining melted chocolate in a bowl. Add 1 1/2 tablespoons of all purpose cream. Set aside. In another bowl, whip chilled cream. Fold in whipped cream into chocolate mixture. Chill. Fill crust with mousse mixture. Chill before serving.
Grahams Mango Float

You will need:

1          handy pack M.Y. San Grahams
3          tbsps M.Y. San Crushed Grahams
1 1/2    cup all purpose cream
1/4       cup condensed milk
2          cups sliced mangoes

Here's how:

In a rectangular dish arrange 8k-10 pcs of M.Y. San Grahams. Set aside. In a bowl, combine cream and milk. Mix well. Spread half of mixture on the layer of crackers. Spread out the sliced mangoes on top of cream. Make another layer of M.Y. San Grahams topped with cream and mango. Garnish top layer with M. Y. San Crushed Grahams. Chill for at least 3 hours.

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Delicious Meatball Recipes

A batch of Danish meatballs, also known as &qu...Image via Wikipedia
By Trevor Franklin

Meatball recipes
Meatball recipes? Nearly all individuals like them! Meatball dishes are the traditionally accepted mealtime recipes in Italian styles of cooking. Simply imagine the warm meatballs presented with fresh and crisp Italian bread and topped with mozzarella cheese. No matter how they are cooked, it could possibly be consumed sizzling from the pot or may be presented as a spaghetti topping, in each ways meatballs are a hit.

Do you really be familiar with a detail in relation to meatball dishes? In case not, let me pass on to you. However there is only single basic recipe for meatball, but each time and in all places the recipe turn out to be different. Not a soul genuinely understands the factual source of the meatball, but even then it is relished by everyone.

Run The Party Smoothly By Hiring A Catering Service

WokImage via Wikipedia
By Audrey Foster

Parties should be fun and free of worries and hassles. The celebrator may be the main star of the event, but the main attraction is the food. A party without food is not much fun, unless it's a get-together bash for people who diet. The food is always the special number everyone is looking forward to even if you have great entertainment set for the party. To assure you have the greatest bash in town, go for food catering.

Finish Off A Meal With Sweet Desserts

Ice Cream dessertImage via Wikipedia
By Tom Marks

If appetizers are the starters of the meal and the main dish is the main feature, then desserts are simply heaven. There are a lot of terms to describe a dessert, but the most accurate one, I think everyone would agree, is it is simply irresistible.

What Are Birthday Cakes Made Of?

A decorated birthday cakeImage via Wikipedia
By Jane Ritter

Blowing the candles off a birthday cake is the most special event of any birthday celebration. Everyone is made anxious by it, and the birthday celebrant just can't wait to utter a wish and put off the candles in hopes of making the wish come true. How did the birthday cake tradition begin? Why not put cathedral windows jell-o instead? Such a trivial thing perhaps, but there are truths surrounding the birthday cake that is worth note-taking.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The History Of The Panzerotto Pizza Chain

Picture of an authentic Neapolitan Pizza Margh...Image via Wikipedia
By Adriana Noton

Pizzas are items that are made of flat oven cooked dough that is loaded with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheeses, and a wide array of meat and veggies. Though the meal originated in ancient Greece, pizza quickly became popular in other countries and is currently the most devoured foods on the planet. In the United States, several different kinds of pizza can be eaten based on the exact location you're in. For generations, east coast and west coast residents have been arguing over who's dish is made better. However for our friends up north, the family managed Panzerotto Pizza is the clear winner. And after learning the history of the Panzerotto Pizza chain, it is simple to see why this little franchise is so cherished.

Mad Jack Caf: Excellent Food In Great Packages

David and his fish and chips.Image via Wikipedia
By Gladys Kings

Do we have to disregard the quality of food just because it is delivered to our homes? Not so. Sumptuous meals should be at the best quality whether or not you choose to eat at the caf or have the meal delivered. Cafes and fast food branches should offer the same quality of the food being delivered especially because most of them ask customers to pay extra for delivery fee. Restaurants also demand so that the customer's preference for the food to be delivered will be granted.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tava Tea: The Truly Sensational Weight Loss Aid

OISHI Green TeaImage via Wikipedia
By Debbie W. Ramsey

Not many of us are informed of the debates that surround most of the weight loss supplements these days. The main reason behind these disagreements, are that the vast percentage of products manufactured today use nutrients of inferior quality that rather than working to our benefit, can cause rather negative effects on our health.

Order Seafood Online - How, Why, What?

SkalldyrImage via Wikipedia

Do you live miles away from the coast but you are hosting a party and you want to serve some fresh seafood? The Internet offers a great range of ways to get your hands on fresh fish and seafood for your guests! Opting to buy seafood online will save you time (at the supermarket) and money (many companies deal directly with the fisherman, cutting out the often costly middleman). Fresh seafood delivery services mean that you can live anywhere in the world and still enjoy fresh seafood!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Easily Lose Weight With Appropriate Training And Eating Habits

Photographer: Frank C. MüllerImage via Wikipedia
By Cynthia Burgenstein

Losing weight can be an extremely complicated and confusing endeavor. Just going into any bookstore, you will be presented with more ways to diet and exercise than you thought possible. From vegetable diets, to juice fasts to donut diets (ok I made that last one up), there seems to be an endless supply of ways to lose weight.

Diets For Strength Training

Pulldown exercise, which strengthens the arms ...Image via Wikipedia

Efforts to broaden the limits of human strength and endurance have kept the scientist and the athlete occupied for centuries. The quest for another pound of muscle, or to lift the next couple of kilos has been relentlessly pursued in the gym and the laboratory alike. As the questions and conquests became more difficult, and the answers have become more elusive and complicated. Not too many ideas and concepts can stand up to the test of time as far as exercise physiology is concerned. There are only some things that we know for sure, even as we tackle the metabolic and genetic basis of skeletal muscle response to strength training.

The Impressive Eating Method To Effortlessly Drop Fat Fast

weight loss spa menusImage by ninahale via Flickr
By Cynthia Burgenstein

Millions of American struggle on a daily basis with their weight. Being overweight can cause mental, emotional and physical problems far beyond the obvious. If you are overweight this article will give you something you can start doing today that will help you in your quest to not only lose weight quick, but to keep it off.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Whole Wheat Bread

By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Mornings are really great and we have a lot of things to be thankful about. The family that we have, the goodly parents and the loving siblings and almost all the blessings are really best appreciated in our mornings. But nothing could be more wonderful about it than when we wake up each day seeing the same  people that we are accustomed to love and the food that is being prepared on the table.

Bread has really played a great part in our mornings like a morning prayer and so I decided to share this Whole Wheat Bread recipe with you and we will all welcome a new tomorrow rising in our lives.


You will need:
3         cups whole wheat flour
3         cups all purpose flour
5         grams instant yeast
15       grams vegetable lard
1/2      cup water
35       grams brown sugar
2         grams molasses (for coloring, optional)
3         grams salt
           Vegetable lard for greasing pan

Here's how:
1. In a mixing bowl, melt sugar in 1/4 cup water. Set aside.
2. In another mixing bowl, sift all flours.
3. Mix all ingredients, except 1/4 water and vegetable lard for greasing pans.
4. Add remaining water in small amount.
5. Pour in melted sugar until dough is made.
6. Knead dough until smooth or elastic texture is reached.
7. Cover with cloth and let rise for about 10 minutes.
8. Knead again for 3 minutes.
9. Divide in half. Form dough each and place them in lightly greased pan.
10. Let rise for about 60 to 90 minutes, or until dough rises to half an inch above pan.
11. Bake for about 60 minutes or longer at 200 degrees C, or until bread turns golden brown.
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

How To Prepare A Perfectly Delicious Egg Salad

best egg salad sandwich ever, flying star, Alb...Image via Wikipedia
By Rajiv Kapur

Thinking how to make egg salad? Want to learn one of the simplest ways to create an extremely scrumptious egg salad, that everyone will take pleasure in and inquiring for a recipe?

In that case, through this web page you may be getting all the secret and tips on how to make a superbly flavored egg salad. So in case you are thinking how to prepare your salad taste excellent, then wonder no more!

Healthy Diet Can Make A Big Positive Influence To Your Family's Wellbeing

Various fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains; ...Image via Wikipedia
By Raju John

Healthy foods are generally recommended for people of all ages as these assists in possessing a healthy body. The healthy meals are also measured to be very vital for improving your state from several health issues like as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. These are meals are beneficial because they include high nutritional value and are rich in vitamin and minerals. The distinct healthful elements such as vegetables and herbs makes the recipes healthy.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Garnishing and its Beauty

By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

We decided one evening with my colleagues that we will have our dinner in one of the restaurants here. We ordered everything and we were told to wait for about forty-five minutes. That's quite too long for an empty stomach but we have to endure and while waiting we just keep on pretending that we are still full and happy about the waiting.

I think it was about time for us to almost hold back our eyes from popping waiting for the food to arrive on the table. But before everyone could say a word, the waitress came and presented to us something that would make our dinner impossible to forget. The food was great but what really impressed me that evening was the garnishing that was decorated on the food.

All of us were really impressed and I noticed that the garnishing had never defeated its purpose that evening. I think to be truly fed with the garnishing, the garnishing must please the eyes of the one who eats the food, it does not only add beauty and color to the food but it would also help improve its flavor. Garnishing could be also used to improve the nutritive value of the food and it should increase sufficiency for service.

There are also requirements for a garnishing to be truly called one. It must be edible and it must be appropriate to the dish with which it is served. It must be pleasing to the eyes but it must not interfere with the service of the dish. It must be ready to put on so that the service of the meal is not delayed and the hot foods do not become cooled by standing. And the best requirement that should be weighed much in preparing a garnishing, a garnishing must not be used to COVER UP the lack of skill in cooking.

Here are some of the materials that can be used for garnishing: fresh green vegetables, washed and crisped like parsley and lettuce. Cooked vegetables cut in attractive shapes like beets and carrots. Potatoes, French-fried or potato roses. Croquettes of vegetables and cereals. Sauces of good consistency and color. Small fish, oysters, mushrooms, strips of bacon. Celery curls, slices of tomato, pickles, olives. Toast, cut in fancy shapes or jellies, lemons, nuts and even whipped creams and meringues.

Learning all these, I think we would be eager and try to garnish even our home-made recipes and it will surely decorate not just the food but the lives of those who have been present around the family table.

Let's try these simple garnishings.

Bell Pepper Strips
Cut and remove stalk, seeds, and core. Cut into strips, according to desired sizes. Garnish fresh or slightly fried.

Bell Pepper Tulips
Cut three even lengthwise lines from the top of the pepper to the middle. Cut a flap of skin as thinly as possible. Bend flaps outward to form petals, allowing the seeds to be seen. Soak in icy water to allow petals to bend.

Cucumber Bouquet
Notch unpared 1-inch long cucumber, then halve lengthwise. Make thin crosswise slices on cucumber half without cutting all the way through. Fan both ends.

Cucumber Rounds
Scratch cucumber with fork lengthwise. Then cut diagonally or slantly according to desired thickness. Arrange on side of or around the platter.

Onion Flowerets
Peel outer onion skins. Make continuous V-shape notches. Detach. Garnish as one flower or separately.

Onion Rings
Choose big and single white or native onion bud. Remove the outer skins and slice crosswise. Garnish fresh or slightly fried.

Tomato Tulip
Cut four even lengthwise lines from top of tomato to the middle leaving the center intact. Bend flaps outward to form petals.

Tomato Floweret
Cut tomato at the middle by making continuous V-shaped notches. Detach.

Tomato Ring Slices
Slice tomato in diagonal, lengthwise or ring form according to desired thickness. Arrange according to personal style.

Spring Onions Curly Flowers
Cut spring onion according to desired height. Slice stem thinly from the top without cutting through. Soak in icy water until stems curl.

Radish Floweret

Carrot Floweret

Radish and Carrot Strips
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Juicing Recipes And Their Role In Weight Loss

Tomato Juice in a glas, decorated with tomato ...Image via Wikipedia
By Joseph Dumizo

If you plan to reduce weight and are not able to do it then certainly, you're missing something. Losing weight needs dedication, consistency, and of course consuming the right kind of diet. It has been seen that having control on diet is the most important and hard aspect of weight loss. Individuals face loads of obstacles in giving away their favorite food items and consuming vegetables and fruits. If you're also going through the same stage, juicing recipes could do miracles for you. Juices are thought to be one of the very best things for weight loss and you could include them in your diet for getting the best results.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

How and Why Is Fasting To Lose Weight The Healthiest Choice?

Anorexia Nervosa by Dr Mohamed OsmanImage via Wikipedia
By Jason Smith

If you're fasting to lose weight, you will probably see some very fast results. To make sure that you can maintain those results, make sure that the method you are using for fasting is a healthy one. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a position to have to keep repeating weight loss methods.

Easy Ways To Discover Effective Diets

Seven-day Diet PlanImage via Wikipedia
By Jason Smith

When someone is trying to lose weight they may need to find effective diets that actually work. With so many new fad diets coming and going, it can be hard to know what is worth while and what is not. There are some clever tricks to use when a great diet is needed. When a person knows what to look for in a diet plan, they will be impressed with the results they see.

The Dream which Started it all.

François l'Olonnais was nicknamed "Flail ...Image via Wikipedia

The following dream log comes from 2004, during the time of my accident recovery. Its where I come up with  my son's name along with some other interesting things

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pine-sit Canton

Simple Fried Rice VermicelliImage by avlxyz via Flickr
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Its really a great thing being a Filipino. The culture is such great with all its customs and traditions. One tradition that I really enjoyed is the occasion where a birthday celebration should always have pancit (noodles) on the table. The noodles are never cut to signify long life to the celebrant. The guest would have a long way to finish one strand of the pancit before savoring its taste. I think if the celebrant would be given a great chance and if so true that pancit would add ten more years to your life then maybe he or she would cook all kinds of noodles that he or she can find.

There are just so many kinds of pancit that you can find here in the Philippines: Pancit Sotanghon (vermicelli made from white rice); Pancit Bihon or Bijon, thin rice noodles; Pancit Miki or Pancit Malabon, noodles from wheat and eggs; Pancit Canton, thick egg noodles; Pancit Luglog or Pancit Palabok, topped with shrimp and hardboiled egg; and Pancit Molo, a wonton soup.

Let me just give you one noodle recipe that you and your family will really love. This is a truly Filipino dish that is  worth cooking even if there is no occasion at all.


You will need:

4         cloves garlic, crushed
1         piece medium onion, sliced
200     grams chicken meat, cut into strips
1         piece small carrot, cut into strips (75 grams)
1 1/2   cups chicken stock/broth
3         tbsp soy sauce
1         tbsp cornstarch, dissolved in pineapple syrup
1         pouch Del Monte Pineapple Tidbits (115 grams)
           drained (reserve syrup)
1         stalk kinchay, chopped (optional)
100     grams cabbage, sliced
50       grams chicharo
200     grams canton noodles

Here's how:

1. Saute' garlic and onion for 1 minute. Add chicken and saute' for 5 minutes.
2. Add carrot, chicken stock, soy sauce and 1/8 tsp. pepper. Cover and simmer over low heat for 5 minutes.
3. Add cornstarch mixture. Stir until thick. Add vegetables, noodles and Del Monte Pineapple Tidbits. Cover and cook for 5 more minutes, tossing occasionally, until vegetables and canton are cooked.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Combining Fruit With Chicken For Winning Recipes

Oven roasted chicken with potatoes.Image via Wikipedia
By Christine Szalay-Kudra

There are lots of ingredients you can add to chicken dishes to make them more interesting. Common ones include onions, garlic, cilantro, parsley, tomatoes, broccoli and more. Nevertheless, what about fruit? Fruit is not just for desserts.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Strenuous workouts

indian yoga

Yoga Basics and Variations. While Yoga originated as a spiritual endeavor tied closely to the Eastern religions of Buddhism and Hinduism, modern society has adopted many of its basic tenets as a low impact physical fitness workout. Combining breath control, balance and stretching, practicing Yoga is a great way to enhance flexibility, posture and muscle tone. There are many options available in Yoga-based workouts, from those designed for stress release to more strenuous workouts intended to supplement weight loss. Whether you are interested in exploring the spiritual side of Yoga, or just want to increase your flexibility and control, there are a wide range of Yoga programs that can be incorporated into any lifestyle. Exercise Specific Yoga Styles Power Yoga. One of the most prevalent forms of exercise intensive Yoga is often referred to as Power Yoga. Geared toward toning muscle groups and enhancing control, Power Yoga offers a more intense workout than most other types of Yoga. Based on the Indian Yoga technique known as Ashtanga, Power Yoga is generally comprised of a two hour workout that cycles through several series of postures. The intense aerobic nature of the workout may make this style of Yoga difficult for beginners, but it also provides the most opportunity for body sculpting and muscle toning. Core Yoga. A relatively new form of exercise-based Yoga, Core Yoga is designed to work on toning the abdominals, thighs and bottom. Many practitioners of Core Yoga use it as an addendum to their regular workout to target problem areas where weight can collect. Like other forms of Yoga, stretching and breath control are the focus of most exercises. This form of Yoga is also thought to help alleviate back pain, and many exercises originate from the spine. By actively participating in Core Yoga classes, you can expect to lose inches around your waist, bottom and hips. Beginners Yoga. If you are new to Yoga, or uncertain whether your current level of fitness is up to an advanced Yoga routine, there are many beginning Yoga programs available on the market. Exploring Yoga for the first time can be an enlightening experience, and most beginners go on to more advanced levels once they are comfortable with the basics. Even beginner Yoga classes will emphasize muscle extension and breath control. Opting for an introduction to Yoga program can provide a low impact workout that will supplement the rest of your fitness workout.

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