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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jamaican Coffee Brownies with Pecans

By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is prized for its bold, clean flavor, but good espresso beans and strong brewed espresso work well, too. The famous coffee flavors both the brownies and their ganache topping. What are you waiting? Inspire your dessert with this famous brownies from Jamaica.

Using Fondant to Decorate a Beautiful Cake

English: 3-Tiered cake design with buttercream...
English: 3-Tiered cake design with buttercream roses on top. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Theresa Alvarez

When wanting to decorate a cake using fondant Los Angeles bakers do not have to worry that the material is too hard to work with. By understanding what it is and how it is best manipulated, those using it will be able to create beautiful cakes with no problems.

Best Antioxidants Are Found In Green Tea

Food for Life distributes food on an internati...
Food for Life distributes food on an international basis produced solely from vegan and lacto-vegetarian ingredients. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Mark Miller

Perhaps you have wondered why lots of health experts are saying you should consume vegetables and fruits regularly. There are numerous reasons, but one of them is that they provide antioxidants. But there is something superior to fruit and veggies that provide antioxidants. It is green tea.

Fresh Herbs Would be the Secret to Glorious Gourmet Salads

English: Phla kung (Thai script: พล่ากุ้ง) is ...
English: Phla kung (Thai script: พล่ากุ้ง) is a spicy Thai salad made with prawns, minced pork, onion, thinly sliced lemongrass and herbs. The dressing is made with a sweet chilli paste (nam phrik phao), lime juice and fish sauce. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Isabella Cooke

When you see a trained chef throw together a gourmet salad, the probability is high that there are at least a few fresh herbs supplied in the mix. The tender, bold, savory, sweet, pungent, earthy, and otherwise distinct flavors that fresh herbs provide set the stage for each gourmet salad. Including herbs in your personal own homemade salads will definitely take them up a notch to gourmet status. It's easy when you are aware what and ways to use herbs, not to mention tips to grow them yourself.

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