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Saturday, October 16, 2010

How To Alter Mood By Eating Banana

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By Emma Deangela

The most perfect fruit among all the edible fruits is banana. One can have a healthy body by having banana regularly because of its right proportional contents like vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

The banana has fiber and sugar contents in normal. The sugar contents are fructose, sucrose and glucose. When eaten the banana gives the people an instant boosting of energy. It not even helps by giving energy; use of banana with daily diet may help a person to be free from illness and other problems. Having two bananas can give man energy to work for nearly 90 minutes.

The banana has a kind of protein called tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin by the body. The Serotonin makes the person relaxed and gives him a refreshing mind. Thus, on having banana everyone feels refreshed.

The vitamin B6 content in banana helps the person in regulating his blood glucose levels. The banana also has the iron content which helps the anemic people by increasing the hemoglobin production. Thus the peoples using pills must stop using it and change to fruits which are natural and will be good for human body.

The potassium content in banana makes the people more active. The banana has more potassium content and less salt content which may help in treatment of stroke and blood pressure. People can have good healthy intestine and can avoid constipation problems by having banana, due to its fiber content.

Among the quickest methods for energizing is having banana milkshake added with honey. The honey gives you the sugar content you have lost on the work. Since banana has some effects of antacid, one may be free from heartburn. This can be rectified by using banana's regularly along with the diet. Eating a banana after a meal helps the person to maintain his body's sugar content and relieves morning sickness.

The use of banana can make the nervous system to remain calm due to the vitamin B content in it. It also helps a person to get rid of intestinal problems. It also helps a person to avoid smoking on having regularly by handling both physical and emotional temperature. The strokes can be avoided since the potassium content helps in normalizing heart beat by regulating the water balance of body by sending the oxygen to brain.

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