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Friday, September 14, 2012

Rum Cake with Rum Raisin Ice Cream and Island Fruit

By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Here is another mouth-watering recipe that will never be forgotten to those who intend to give a real bite with this soft rum cake with rum raisin ice cream and island fruit. This is best serve with a splurge-worthy aged rum in a snifter, to sip like brandy. The whole recipe would make about 12 servings but make sure you make the rum cake in a week or two ahead as it freezes well.

A Long and Fruitful Life with the Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet (close up)
Mediterranean diet (close up) (Photo credit: grobery)
By Allyson Daniels

Were you aware that there is one diet plan that can actually make you live much longer? Have you ever heard of the Mediterranean diet? If not, here you will get to know more about the diet plan and how it can increase your lifespan by decreasing your cholesterol, decreasing the risk of heart related illnesses, and decreasing the risk of most other illnesses. These diseases are the most common health hazards that cause deaths around the world. The Mediterranean diet plan prevents these things from ever happening.

The Astonishing Benefits Of A Tasty Cup Of Coffee

Coffee Beans
Coffee Beans (Photo credit: amanda28192)
By Ashlee Wightman

There is no mistaking the rich and tempting smell of coffee. Coffee is not just a particular bean roast in a typical way, however. There is much to find out about coffee.

What is a coffee bean precisely? It's the end product that results from coffee berries that grow on coffee trees. These rich beans are then roasted, crushed then brewed to create the perfect coffee. The real trick of creating an exceptional brew originates from the roasting process of the coffee beans.

Things For Al Fresco Dining

Italiano: Barbecue con spiedini e salciccia al...
Italiano: Barbecue con spiedini e salciccia alla griglia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Louise Fisher

Buying your perfect barbecue for your garden, your home and your lifestyle can be really easy to do. It can also be the difference between having an okay summer, and an excellent summer. There are hundreds of different barbecues that you can buy for your family and to suit everything you need. This means finding the perfect barbecue is simple to do.

Paleo Baking Hints And Tips

English: Pandebono (literally meaning ‘good br...
English: Pandebono (literally meaning ‘good bread’) is a type of bread made of corn flour, cassava starch, cheese and eggs. It is consumed with hot chocolate a few minutes after baking when is still warm. It is very popular in the Colombian department of Valle del Cauca. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Maria Renouf

It's highly unlikely that stone age people ever ate blueberry muffins or chocolate brownies, but such treats can fit into the guidelines of a Paleo diet. Paleo baking is gluten free, grain free and dairy free, so many commonly used ingredients are off limits. However, with a little ingenuity, it is still possible to enjoy healthier, more natural versions of breads, cakes and cookies.

Talk Of the Town Barbecue Takes Home Top Honors

Galbi, marinated short beef or fork ribs in so...
Galbi, marinated short beef or fork ribs in soy sauce in Korean barbeque (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Chloe Gib

There is a love for Texas BBQ that circles the globe. This creation from authentic Mexican food recipes creates a flavorful explosion with every bite. Whether referred to as barbecue, barbeque, or even barbie the response is always two sauce dripping thumbs up.

It is true that there are other types of barbecue. Styles such as Kansas City, Memphis, and Carolina have their place in the pantheon of barbecue. But if they are in the pantheon Texas barbecue is sitting on top of them all.

Recipe for Blueberry Pancake and Other Fruit Pancakes

Blueberry pancakes + ice cream; Pj's Pancake H...
Blueberry pancakes + ice cream; Pj's Pancake House (link); 154 Nassau Street; Princeton, NJ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Ben Panny

From time to time I get bored of the very simple pancake recipe and choose to attempt something fresh, something various. An uncomplicated technique to spice up you pancakes is incorporating fruits. It truly is quick since the only thing we do differently when producing pancake batter is adding fruit. Now in this blueberry pancake recipe we will be obviously adding blueberries but that should not stop you to substitute blueberries with all sorts of other fruits. You can use any fruit you want but some mix and melt into the pancakes better. For example ripe bananas, blueberries, blackberries will blend in really perfectly. One more thing - it's generally a version of nutritious pancake recipe but you may include fruit to any pancake recipe you get on this site... well other than the veggie salty ones I suppose.

Juicing: The Diet Secret That You Drink

English: Cucumber, celery & apple juice
English: Cucumber, celery & apple juice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Tracy Durant

There's nothing like homemade juice for a healthy snack. Juicing can be a easy way to get all the essential vitamins or minerals found in fruits and vegetables extracted into an delicious and drinkable form. This article can tell you more about the benefits of juicing so that you can get started on your own juicing regimen.

For creating better juicing habits, keep the juicer in plain sight in your kitchen all the time. By storing your machine out in the open and in sight, it serves as a constant reminder of the benefits it can provide.

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