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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dr Hicham Riba And Information About Him

By Melody Lyons

Dr Hicham Riba runs a family oriented clinic, Dental Magic, within Chicago. He specializes in three main fields; dentistry, pediatrics and dental implants. This kind of practice has begun to grow in popularity given the good relations cultivated between patients and their doctors. Family dentists, unlike the general ones, accept patients from all ages. When family oral health is at stake, it usually is imperative that they go for the right practitioners.

This kind of dentistry mainly offers preventive measures, which is believed to be the best option when it comes to management of teeth problems. Regular cleaning, treatment with fluorine and x rays are part of the measures. Tartar and plaque buildup are both linked to poor routine maintenance. It is for such reasons that the American Dental Association recommends visits to a dentist a minimum of twice a year.

A major service offered by Dr. Hicham Riba during routine visits is oral examinations and cleaning. The risk of buildup of stains or plaque gets eliminated. Such accumulation of stains is what eventually contributes to decay of teeth and complications associated with gums. Furthermore, guidelines on brushing of teeth, flossing and rinsing are offered as well. One can thereafter do all these from home.

To help improve the cordial relationship with the dentist, it is essential that one has constant visits to the particular specialist from childhood to adulthood. This is mainly advantageous to children. They need to be comfortable with the family dentist.

Poor oral hygiene and health is dangerous. The risks range from heart ailments to respiratory diseases. These further underline the need for good dental care.

Busy families that have hectic schedules benefit from such kind of arrangement. Rather than having to keep track of multiple appointments at different places, they have a set schedule with a single professional. Dr Hicham Riba offers such services effectively.

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