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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Muffins Florentine

English: this is a picture of self made pesto ...
English: this is a picture of self made pesto in a mortar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Here's how to make your pesto: In a food processor or blender, puree 1 or 2 garlic cloves. Add 1/4 cup (1 1/4 oz/37 g) pine nuts, 1 cup (1 oz/30 g) loosely packed fresh basil leaves and 1/2 cup (1/2 oz/15 g) loosely packed fresh flat-leaf (Italian) parsley leaves, and process until finely chopped. With the machine running, slowly pour in about 1/2 cup (4 fl oz/125 ml) good quality olive oil and process briefly to make a coarse paste. Add 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese and pulse just to incorporate. Season with salt, if desired. Makes about 1 cup (8 fl oz/250 ml). Store the left-over in the refrigerator.

Bacon and Gruyere Muffins

chorizo gruyere cheese muffin
chorizo gruyere cheese muffin (Photo credit: boo_licious)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Gruyere cheese is a cow's milk cheese that was originally produced exclusively in Switzerland in huge wheels and aged for nearly a year, but is now made outside the country as well. Considered a gastronomic delight, it has a sweet, nutty flavor, is pale yellow in color, and has a firm texture dotted with pea sized holes. Gruyere is a premier cheese for cooking, as it melts perfectly. Although domestic Swiss cheese may be substituted, it lacks the distinctive flavor of Gruyere.

Home cooks are fond of substituting hard-to-find ingredients in their menu and oftentimes they just skip recipes that have uncommon ingredients. May this will never be the case to all home bakers, it is still good to extend the extra mile in our cooking by following what is really meat for the ingredients and trying to cook what we know is best for our family. Gruyere cheese is the best cheese for your Bacon and Gruyere Muffins recipe!

Polenta Muffins with Fresh Herbs

Sweet Corn Muffins Recipe on other photo
Sweet Corn Muffins Recipe on other photo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

These muffins are inspired by Italian polenta, a term that refers to cornmeal that is cooked in water or stock and eaten while soft for breakfast or as a side dish. The traditional preparation uses coarse ground cornmeal. For these muffins, medium ground cornmeal may be substituted for Italian polenta and will result in muffins with a slightly different but equally appealing texture. Instant polenta is also available but lacks the hearty texture of the long cooking variety.

Using Digital Recipes Offers Different Benefits

An example recipe, printed from the Wikibooks ...
An example recipe, printed from the Wikibooks Cookbook. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Laura Gallagher

More and more tech-savvy people are relying on digital recipes nowadays. From chefs to homemakers trying to serve exciting meals for the family, having the necessary gadget around can be very beneficial. If you are constantly looking for new dishes on the internet, this modern kitchen tool is definitely a must have.

Bring Out Your Inner Chef With These Simple Tips

Oven baked fries
Oven baked fries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Carina Helen Sanchez

Knowing how to really cook is a skill that will serve you well. Home cooked meals are one of the best ways to save money and to provide your family with good food along with valuable family time.

This way, you'll have fresh fruit to use for cooking all year long. It will also allow you to have the fruits you love even when they are not in season.

Positive Side Of Freeze Dried Food

Freeze-Dried Strawberries that have been aboar...
Freeze-Dried Strawberries that have been aboard space missions. File:Astronaut Strawberries.jpg File:Astronaut Strawberries 2.jpg File:Astronaut Strawberries 3.jpg File:Astronaut Strawberries 4.jpg File:Astronaut Strawberries 5.jpg File:Astronaut Strawberries 6.jpg File:Astronaut Strawberries 7.jpg File:Astronaut Strawberries 8.jpg File:Astronaut Strawberries 9.jpg File:Astronaut Strawberries 10.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Thelma Kent

In the case of not being in a position to access fresh foods, freeze dried food comes in handy. The situation could be bad enough such that we have to utilize what we have to the fullest. This is when there is a disaster or when going to a place where meal is scarce.

So that the meals can stay fresh for long, it can be stored in sealed containers. They can be either metallic or plastic. The point being that the less moisture the meal has the longer it will stay before it goes bad. When the meal is in these containers, it is easy to carry them too.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cheddar Cheese Muffins

butter, sugar, egg, flour, baking powder, choc...
butter, sugar, egg, flour, baking powder, chocolate, coconut flakes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Sesame seeds. Used as a garnish, tiny, flat sesame seeds contribute a subtle nutty flavor and crunchy texture to bake goods such as muffins and breads and to many other dishes both savory and sweet. The seeds are an ingredient in cuisines of nearly every continent around the world. Of the several varieties available, the most common are pale tan in color. Black red, and brown sesame seeds are also sold in some markets. Because sesame seeds have a high oil content, they are best stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tips For Those That Want To Make Cupcakes

Is my passion for cooking and baking the same ...
Is my passion for cooking and baking the same as my love for vegan food? Or does my love of culinary pleasure drive the passion within me to cook vegan food? You decide. My gift to you, An oregano infused chocolate cupcake, filled with fudge chocolate and dipped in white chocolate with oregano essense. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Thelma Kent

No baker wants to make bad cupcakes Sydney. Professionals know how to make excellent ones that are perfect every time. There are some tips that all the best bakers share to ensure that theirs come out perfect, these same tips can be followed by any baker.

Whole Wheat Dinner Muffins

Whole Grain Corn Mini Muffins
Whole Grain Corn Mini Muffins (Photo credit: For The Love of Fiber)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Whole-wheat flour is known for its nutty, sweet flavor and aroma and its extra nutrition, whole-wheat flour is ground from the entire kernel of wheat. By contrast, all-purpose (plain) flour has had the bran and germ removed. Commercial whole-wheat flours  vary from fine to more coarsely ground; the grinds may be used interchangeably in recipes. To produce fine grinds, all parts of the grain are equally ground. Medium and coarse grinds have varying amounts of bran dispersed throughout.

Cinnamon-Crunch Sweet Potato Muffins

Potato and pecan tarts or muffins.
Potato and pecan tarts or muffins. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Sweet potatoes are plump edible roots that are available year-round but are most abundant in markets in autumn and winter. Some of these vegetables-members of the morning glory family-have tan skin and light yellow flesh; others have darker red-orange skin and flesh. The latter type is often called a yam in the United States, although it is not a true yam. Red-orange sweet potatoes are slightly moister and sweeter than the tan variety, which has the same texture as a russet potato when cooked and mashed.

Onion and Shallot Muffins

Apricot & Chicken Muffins
Apricot & Chicken Muffins (Photo credit: milky.way)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Because of shallot's delicate shape and color, it has a reputation for elegance. This diminutive member of the onion family grows in clusters of cloves like garlic and has a papery reddish or bronze skin. The white flesh lightly streaked with purple has a subdued onion flavor and cooks more quickly than the flesh of larger onions. To prepare a shallot, cut off both ends, then peel off the papery skin. Cut the bulb in half lengthwise and mince.

Tomato and Goat Cheese Muffins

falafel muffins
falafel muffins (Photo credit: seelensturm)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Garbanzo flour, ground from dried chickpeas and therefore also known as chickpea flour, is a staple in the Mediterranean and Middle East, where it is used to make flatbreads, fritters, and savory pancakes. It is also an ingredient in the breads and pancakes made by Indian cooks. The flour has a distinctive and very appealing, naturally sweet flavor. It may be difficult to find on supermarket shelves. If this is the case, look for it in natural-foods stores or in Indian markets, where it is sometimes labeled besan.

Jalapeno-Cornmeal Muffins

Corn muffins
Corn muffins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

The thumb size jalapeno chile has thick flesh that may be green or red and can range from mildly hot to fiery. When  working with jalapenos or other hot chiles, it is advisable to wear rubber gloves to prevent burns. The heat from a chile carried in the membranes, can linger for hours on your skin, so thoroughly wash your hands, and the cutting board and knife with hot, soapy water as soon as you finish working. For mild flavored muffins use 2 chiles; to add more heat, use 3 chiles.

Zucchini Muffins

A blueberry muffin in a paper muffin cup.
A blueberry muffin in a paper muffin cup. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

The long, straight necked zucchini is by far the best known and most popular of the summer squashes. These dark green or bright gold squashes are actually gourds, just like winter squashes, but are harvested when they are immature and their seeds and skin are sweet and tender. Known as courgette in France and England, the zucchini is harvested from a plant that originated in Italian home gardens. Before using the zucchini in this recipe, rinse and dry, then cut off the stem end before shredding onto layers of paper towels to absorb some the excess moisture.

Recipe for Yeast Waffle

Brussels Waffle (known in the USA as Belgian W...
Brussels Waffle (known in the USA as Belgian Waffle) with Strawberries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Ben Panny

These yeast waffle recipe is for persons that are not hungry at the moment. It is for people that do not choose to eat waffles Right NOW! :) Why? Since this yeast waffle recipe calls for you to leave the batter to rest overnight. So make the batter during the evening and delight in the waffles in the morning.

Get Better Results From Your Time In The Kitchen With These Simple Tips

Flanders, Netherlands
Flanders, Netherlands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Annalise Jessica Sanchez

There are quite a few different ways you can learn to use to prepare memorable meals. Though some can be approached with little skill at all, others will be more involved. Here you will find a variety of helpful cooking tips. They should improve your skills in the kitchen no matter your experience.

If you are having people over to your home to eat, and you are including a salad with the meal, allow your guests to put the dressing on themselves. There are many people who prefer little to no dressing on a salad. If you allow everyone to apply their dressings on their own it will allow them to have the amount they like. Make sure you have a wide selection of dressings to choose from as well.

Stuffed Mushroom Recipe - Prepare This Specific Appetizer for Your Friends And Family

Stuffed mushroom on dish, 2009.
Stuffed mushroom on dish, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Teagan F. Ammerman

Whenever hosting any type of affair like a social gathering, one thing that you simply have to take into consideration is the appetizer. An appetizer can be either a food or perhaps drink to generally be offered before the main meal of the day. Basically, since the name suggests, it is supposed to provide appetite and therefore a preparation for the meal yet to come. Typically, appetizers are never in considerable amounts, they must be just dips, spreads and bits of various foods such as cheese balls, fish, caviar but a stuffed mushroom recipe could possibly be the most delicious dish for the visitors.

Use Your Mashed Potatoes with these Recipes

Potato mash, as served in the Swiss mountain r...
Potato mash, as served in the Swiss mountain restaurant as Schynige Platte (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Chris Poty

Potato Omelet- typically known as Tortilla Espaola in Spain where by you'll be able to track its history. The standard Spanish Omelets can be commonly served up in Mexican meals in which a number of variations of this dish came to exist. Potato omelet is one of the ideal main dishes usually served for breakfast or brunch. It resembles a huge, heavy pancake, and is made generally with 4 ingredients: mashed potatoes, eggs, salt and olive oil.

Rival Deep Fryers for Your Home

A photograph of Fried calamari (squid).
A photograph of Fried calamari (squid). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Andy Sims

Virtually all of us love deep fried food. In moderation. The assorted Rival Deep Fryer series are some of the best on the market. You will get crispy, perfect food every time and cleaning seems to be easy with the larger parts they offer and we also enjoy the cool to the touch exterior of all Rival Deep Fryers.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Carrot-Nut Muffins

Guten-Morgen-Muffins (Photo credit: diekatrin)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Whether you grow your own  or buy them at a farmer's or produce market, vegetables in season are an inspiration to the creative baker. Muffins made with tomatoes, zucchini, chiles, carrots, sweet potatoes, and corn boast freshness and flavor in every bite. Enjoy this bountiful harvest of easy-to-prepare Carrot-Nut Muffins, tastes its sweetness and savory flavor.

Blackberry Muffins

Blackberry muffins in a baking pan.
Blackberry muffins in a baking pan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

The abundance of fresh ripe berries is one of the pleasures of summer. Each variety in the seasonal trinity. Blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries - works beautifully in this recipe. Remember to treat fresh berries gently after purchase if not using them immediately. Store them for up to 2 days in the refrigerator. Rinse the berries briefly in a colander before use, then pick over the berries and discard any that are moldy or mushy. Let dry in a colander or on a layer of paper towels.

Let's not wait for another day when you will find all your summer berries moldy and mushy inside your refrigerator. Upon buying them, Blackberry Muffins should be the first recipe that's inside your mind so that your berries will not be left untouched for days.

Peach Melba Muffins

Peach Melba
Peach Melba (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

This muffin recipe is based on Peach Melba, a classic dessert with fresh poached peach halves filled with vanilla ice cream. Topping the ice cream is a raspberry sauce - called "Melba Sauce" - and a sprinkling of toasted almonds. The dish is the gustatory hand work of the legendary French chef Auguste Escoffier, who created the combination in the late 1800s to honor Dame Nellie Melba, the most popular opera star of the day, who ate in his restaurant. The combination of sweet peaches and tart raspberries is a delectable treat.

This Peach Melba Muffins recipe will not be a treat to honor anybody else but to honor the best cook in you.   It will be your moment to shine after baking these muffins to perfection!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dried Fig Muffins

Dried Fruit and Cashew Nuts Muffins
Dried Fruit and Cashew Nuts Muffins (Photo credit: joana hard)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Sweet, chewy, dried figs are among the fruits favored for use in baking recipes. Choose either the pale Calimyrna, the most common variety found dried, or the dark purple, Black Mission fig. Dried whole figs tend to be very stiff because the drying process needs to permeate the entire fruit; therefore, softening them first is important to the texture of the finished muffins. Here, the figs are macerated in hot apple juice so they turn a lovely mahogany color and give oil an enticing perfume.

Perfume your Dried Fig Muffins to the lasting scent and goodness of dried figs added to it. With its scent alone, no one can resist tasting your muffins again and again.

Jam-Filled Muffins

2 wicker baskets full of muffins sit on a blue...
2 wicker baskets full of muffins sit on a blue, pink and white checkered tablecloth in a tight shot. There is a broken muffin in the foreground. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Jelly and jam are sweet, spreadable fruit preserves, whether purchased or homemade, are musts on the breakfast table, and and baked inside these tender, rich, sour cream muffins, they offer a colorful and tasty surprise. Jelly and jam make equally delicious fillings. Jellies, such as red currant, have been strained to achieve a firm, crystalline, silken-smooth result. By contrast, raspberry, blackberry, and strawberry jams are made with whole berries and therefore have a chunky texture. Trying various jams or jellies with result in a different muffin with every batch.

Vanilla-Pear Muffins

Though the pears pictured do not have a textur...
Though the pears pictured do not have a texture suitable for good eating, scientists at the ARS Appalachian Fruit Research Station in Kearneysville, West Virginia, will combine their fire blight-resistant qualities with other lines possessing traits sought in commercial pear varieties. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

The highest quality pear varieties found in the United States are grown in western states with temperate climates. For baking in muffins, select blemish-free pears that are slightly underripe and have their stems intact. They are ready when their flesh yields to gentle pressure at the stem end but is still firm enough to chop into pieces. Baking varieties include the bell-shaped, yellow or red Bartlett (also known as Williams), the light green Anjou, the long necked, speckled Bosc, the small seckel, and the juicy, plump Comice.

For this recipe, baking varieties of pears should be used to make an excellent finish of   Vanilla-Pear Muffins.  In cooking, it is important that we choose the right ingredients for the right recipe so that we will not fall short from the expectations of those who are excited to taste your delicacy.

Country Applesauce Muffins

butter, sugar, egg, flour, baking powder, choc...
butter, sugar, egg, flour, baking powder, chocolate, coconut flakes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Applesauce Recipe. Peel, core, and chop 2 1/2 lb (1.25 kg) apples such such Granny Smith , Newtown pippin, or Mcintosh. Place in a heavy saucepan with 1/3 cup (3 fl oz/80 ml) water. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat to a simmer, and cook partially covered, stirring occasionally until very soft, 20-30 minutes. Remove from the heat. Mash the apples with a fork or pass through a food mill. Taste and add sugar if needed. The applesauce can be stored for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator . It can be used at room temperature or cold in this and other quick bread recipes. Makes about 2 1/2 cups (22 oz/690 g).

When your applesauce is ready, you are now also set to make Country Applesauce Muffins. You may use part of your applesauce in this recipe and you can store some if the family would insist to taste it again in your next cooking.

Sour Cherry Muffins with Coconut Streusel

Streusel Mango Macadamia Muffins.
Streusel Mango Macadamia Muffins. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Sour cherries are smaller in size than sweet cherries and more elusive to find fresh, dark red sour cherries are too acidic to eat out of hand but are prized for baking. Also called tart cherries, they are a regional specialty grown in Michigan, the heart of cherry country. The main varieties are Early Richmond, Montmorency and Motello. Sour cherries are available in jars and cans. Cherries packed in water, often labeled "pie cherries," retain a luscious tangy flavor that i excellent in muffins and scones.

To see how excellent it is when added to muffins, try Sour Cherry Muffins with Coconut Streusel. This recipe is made especially for people who want to know the real taste of sour cherries in their desserts.

Carrots Are Cool!

Carrots (Photo credit: CLC Photography)
By Maddox Rafael

Carrots are known because the vegetable which is easy to grow, tasty and high nutrition. Each children and adults like carrots as a result of its sweet taste and crunchy texture.

Carrot or referred to as Daucus carota can be a vegetables grown throughout the year, especially in mountain places that have cold temperatures and moist, around in height of 1200 meters above sea level. Carrot plants can develop in practically all seasons. You can find greater than 100 species of carrots ranging from not just in colors but in addition its size from as tiny as two inches to three feet.

Chocolate Chip Muffins

Chocolate chip muffins baking in an oven
Chocolate chip muffins baking in an oven (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Sweet and mellow semisweet chocolate is a combination of cocoa butter and chocolate liquor the smooth brown paste that is ground from roasted cocoa beans - blended with sugar and vanilla for flavoring and with lecithin, a fatty plant based additive that contributes a smooth texture. The chocolate is sold in bar form and as chips ranging in size from 1/2 inch (12 mm) to 1/8 inch (3 mm). In most recipes, including this one, semisweet chocolate can be used interchangeably with bittersweet chocolate which is similar.

Make your chocolate chip muffins right away with semisweet chocolate chips. Feel in your palate that smooth texture and the taste that only a semisweet chocolate can create.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Cinnamon Buttermilk Muffins

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins Cooking Glazing
Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins Cooking Glazing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Luscious buttermilk is a tangy cultured milk product made by adding healthful bacteria to whole or low-fat milk. It has a slightly thick, creamlike consistency and gentle acidity that make an excellent tenderizer in muffins and quick breads. Recipes using buttermilk usually call for baking soda, an alkaline leavener that reacts with the acidity in buttermilk. The resulting carbon dioxide bubbles expand in the heat of the oven, creating steam that helps produce rounded, moist muffins.

Cinnamon Buttermilk Muffins recipe will help in unfolding the ever needed presence of buttermilk in muffins. Other substitutes may do but we should not take chances especially in muffins to achieve its tenderness in every mouth watering bites.

Cranberry-Orange Muffins

Cranberry Orange Muffin
Cranberry Orange Muffin (Photo credit: cobalt123)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Cranberries are harvested from bogs when cold weather arrives and available throughout the winter months, tart, fresh cranberries are a signature fresh fruit of autumn and early winter. They are packaged in 12 ounce (375 g) plastic bags that contain 3 cups of berries. Cranberries can be enjoyed throughout the year by freezing them in airtight freezer bags, they keep for up to 1 year in perfect condition. The combination of tart cranberries sweetened with oranges, another fruit of winter, is one of the classic flavor in baking.

Cranberries can be best if included in your recipe that's why Cranberry-Orange Muffins was born. It will not only add color but beauty in every muffin bite.

Lemon-Poppy Seed Muffins

Gluten Free Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins
Gluten Free Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins (Photo credit: Cooking Gluten Free)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Lemon Sugar. This simple recipe may be use to add lemon flavor to any recipe calling for sugar and lemon zest. Using a small paring knife or a vegetable peeler, remove the zest from 3 large lemons, leaving the bitter white pith behind; reserve the fruit and juice for another use. Place the zest in a food processor and add 1/2 cup (4 oz/120 g) granulated sugar. Pulse until the zest is evenly distributed. Add another 1/2 cup sugar and pulse until the zest is finely ground. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 months. Makes about 1 cup (8 oz/250 g)

Lemon-Poppy Seed Muffins need just the right amount of lemon sugar to add a flavorful taste. If you still haven't learned about lemon sugar, here's your big chance if you try to cook this recipe from the heart.

Banana-Walnut Muffins

I had a bit of a Stepford day, baking muffins ...
I had a bit of a Stepford day, baking muffins and bread :D (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Excellent for baking, walnut oil was once a specialty item but is now commonly sold in well-stocked supermarkets. The subtly flavored oil is extracted from raw walnut meat and is very nutritious and high in unsaturated fat. For this recipe, do not use toasted walnut oil, a favorite in French cooking, as it is not the same as plain walnut oil. To prevent the oil from becoming rancid, store it in the refrigerator. It will keep for up to 3 months. If you cannot find walnut oil, you may substitute canola oil in this muffin recipe.

Honey-Raisin Bran Muffins

Bran Muffin with Tangelo Fig Compote.
Bran Muffin with Tangelo Fig Compote. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Wheat bran, the outer layer of grains of wheat, is a by-product of the flour-milling process. Although almost tasteless, fresh bran contributes a mild earthy flavor to muffins and other baked goods and is added to recipes along with flour to boost the fiber content and overail nutrition. Unprocessed wheat bran, which has not been toasted, is also packaged as miller's bran. Look for it in the cereal section of supermarkets or in natural-foods stores. Because bran is high in natural oils, it should be stored in the refrigerator to maintain freshness.

We will include wheat bran in this Honey-Raisin Bran Muffins recipe to give it a different kind of taste and a different kind of glory to its kind and think of how much a lowly bran could give you. Not only the nutrition you need but the energy to surely boost your day.

Barbeque Restaurant Style While Not Leaving Home

spare ribs on the barbeque
spare ribs on the barbeque (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Peter Smokehouse

Do you love BBQ food but have difficulty cooking it yourself? If you want to learn the secret to serving great BBQ at home, click here...

Many individuals love the cuisine made at a bbq restaurant. When they try and copy the taste from home, the results often fails to get results. Burning the barbecued turkey can be a minor issue when making supper for your loved ones. It is a different story when you are preparing food for your event for Forty guests or higher. Locating a diner that has the catering not to mention shipping treatment of its bar-b-q'd items may be a lifesaver. Your function food choices may include favorite home-made food but nobody would realize they weren't made at home.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry Friand, Australia, January 2006
Blueberry Friand, Australia, January 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Plump blueberries, available from late spring through summer, are usually sold in pint boxes containing about 2 cups (8 oz/250 g) berries. The commercial berry is the North American high bush variety growing up to 15 feet high, primarily in Oregon, Washington and Florida. Small, intensely flavored wild blueberries, native to England and parts of Canada, can be used in this recipe. You can refrigerate berries for up to 2 days before using them. Do not wash them before storing, as the water will promote mold.

Plum Pavlova

Pavlova (Photo credit: babe_kl)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

The original Pavlova dessert, a baked meringue topped with fruit and whipped cream, was named for the famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. Making crisp meringues requires a high ratio of sugar to egg whites, and a slow oven that will dry them out without giving them color. A gas oven with a pilot light is ideal for drying them out. Bakers seeking hard and completely fry baked meringues will leave them in the oven overnight to dry out. The Pavlova, however, calls for a softer baked meringue, crisp on the outside and slightly sticky on the inside.

Let us see if you can equal the taste of Plum Pavlova with your own style of cooking this recipe. When your cooking is done and everyone has tasted, let's hope that Anna Pavlova will be proud of the food that bore her name.

Warm Pear Charlotte

Banana Split Charlotte. See also File:Banana S...
Banana Split Charlotte. See also File:Banana Split Charlotte, No Cookie.jpg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Charlottes are molded desserts, served warm or cold. A standard charlotte mold is a pail-like tin with heart shape handles, but a souffle dish or ramekin (for single servings) may also be used. The classic warm charlotte, lined with bread  and filled with apples and custard, is transformed here into a pear dessert with a lighter filling.

If you have tasted apples and custard charlottes, this will be your chance to differentiate the taste from pear charlotte. But for me, each has a distinct taste that can't be compared. Let you taste buds decide but before this goes to an argument, let's start making pear charlotte on the kitchen table.

Rolled Blackberry Cake

石屋製果's Sponge Cake + Ice Cream Delicious~
石屋製果's Sponge Cake + Ice Cream Delicious~ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Rolled Cakes. This recipe calls for a thin rectangular sponge cake that is rolled into a cylinder while still warm from the oven, then cooled, unrolled, spread with a filling, and then rolled again. The cake is sliced crosswise when served, revealing a spiral design. These cakes are sometimes called jelly rolls especially when they are spread with jelly as the first (or only) layer - or Swiss rolls.

Rolled blackberry cake recipe is not only tempting to the eyes because of the blackberry rolled in it but it is more tempting to the taste. Whatever the secret of this great tasting recipe, there could only be one thing that is must be because you will make use of your own caring hands in making this recipe to be served only the best for a love one.


You will need:

One 12 -by-9 inch (30-by-23-cm) Yellow Sponge Cake, still warm from the oven

1/2 cup (4 fl oz/125 ml) heavy (double) cream, preferably not ultrapasteurized

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (essence)

1 tablespoon confectioners's (icing) sugar, plus extra for dusting

1 cup (4 oz/125 g) blackberries

Here's how:

Bake the sponge cake as directed and let cool in the pan on a wire rack for 5-10 minutes.

When the sponge cake is still warm to the touch, use a thin metal spatula or knife to loosen the edges from the pan. With a long side toward you, gently roll the cake into a cylinder with the parchment (baking) paper still attached to the bottom. Allow the cake to cool completely, about 45 minutes, then gently unroll it on a work surface and remove the parchment paper.

In a large bowl, combine the cream, vanilla and confectioners' sugar. Using a wire whisk, beat until soft peaks form when the whisk is lifted, 5-7 minutes.

To assemble, spread the center of the cooled cake with whipped cream, scatter the berries on top of the cream, and reroll the cake. Transfer the log, seam side down, to a long serving platter. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until well chilled, at least 1 hour and up to 8 hours.

To serve, using a fine-mesh sieve or a sifter, dust the top of the cake with a generous coating of confectioners' sugar. Cut the cake crosswise into slices.

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Grand Marnier Souffle

Berry soufflé.
Berry soufflé. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

A souffle is made from a light batter leavened by whipped egg whites. In the heat of the oven, the air in the egg white foam expands to make the souffle rise. Souffles should be served directly from the oven, before they have a chance to deflate. Souffle dishes, made of ceramic to help hold in the heat, have tall, straight sides that are usually greased and then dusted with sugar (or, for savory souffles, bread crumbs) to help the batter climb the side of the dish.

You can give it a try with souffle in this Grand Marnier Souffle recipe. It is made for everyone who wants to experiment doing souffle in the simplest cooking idea.

Autumn Fruit Strudel

Pastry made with phyllo
Pastry made with phyllo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Filo (or phyllo) dough, best known for its use in Greek and Turkish pastries like baklava, is sold in the freezer section of large grocery stores. It is an elastic dough pulled into very thin sheets and cut into large rectangles. Follow the instructions on the box for thawing. When working with filo, keep the unused dough sheets stacked under a piece of plastic wrap or a barely damp kitchen towel until you are ready to use them; otherwise, they may become brittle and tear easily. Frozen filo dough keeps well, but not indefinitely; it becomes dry or sticky if stored for too long.

It is best if you will only buy filo dough just enough so as not to store it for a long time and just waste your money or think of other recipes in order to consume all your filo dough in one cooking. Autumn fruit strudel can be added to your menu and make use of your filo dough and at the same time enjoy the savings from unused dough.

Summer Berry Trifle

Summer Berry Trifle
Summer Berry Trifle (Photo credit: esimpraim)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Fruit brandies, or eaux-de-vie, are distilled liquors made from a variety of fruits. White the most common brandy is made with grapes, framboise is derived from raspberries, Kirsch from cherries, Poire Williams from pears, and Calvados, a specialty of the French region of Normandy, from apples. These brandies are not sweet, but instead reveal an intense fragrance and flavor of the fruit from which they are made. It often takes as many as  18 pounds (9 kilograms) of fruit to make a small bottle of eau-de-vie.

Summer berry trifle recipe will be the next goodies you can do that would make use of fruit brandies. This is another thrill knowing that one can taste a brandy that doesn't necessarily served in a cocktail glass.

Apple-Brandy Crepes

A sweet crêpe opened up, with whipped cream an...
A sweet crêpe opened up, with whipped cream and strawberry sauce on it (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Crepe-Making Savvy. These thin, tender pancakes can be topped with sweet or savory ingredients after being folded. They are best made in a hot, well-seasoned crepe pan, a flat-bottomed pan with sides that are flare slightly. The first crepe you make is "for the pan", it won't turn out, but it allows you to determine the proper heat level for the pan (the batter should sizzle when it hits the pan.) Use a flexible heatproof spatula to turn the crepe after the edges are golden and the sides begin to curl, cook the second side briefly. Crepes should be soft and flexible, never brittle.

Apple-brandy crepes recipe will be good to try to experience making crepes for the first time or even if you are a seasoned cook who just want to try another crepe recipe. It has a different kind of sizzle brought by the goodness of brandy.

Bananas Foster

Bananas Foster at Stanley's Restaurant, New Or...
Bananas Foster at Stanley's Restaurant, New Orleans. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

When sugar is cooked, it melts and develops a more complex flavor and deeper cooler. In this recipe, the sugar is mixed with butter for additional flavor and the butter sugar mixture is cooked until it darkens. Be aware that cooked sugar becomes very hot and will badly burn fingers or tongues that venture a premature taste.

Bananas foster would be best to try in order to know the degree of hotness can a caramelize sugar become after the brown sugar coats the bananas. It maybe burning hot but when stand for a while, another exciting taste will burn to your heart's desire.

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