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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The History Of The Panzerotto Pizza Chain

Picture of an authentic Neapolitan Pizza Margh...Image via Wikipedia
By Adriana Noton

Pizzas are items that are made of flat oven cooked dough that is loaded with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheeses, and a wide array of meat and veggies. Though the meal originated in ancient Greece, pizza quickly became popular in other countries and is currently the most devoured foods on the planet. In the United States, several different kinds of pizza can be eaten based on the exact location you're in. For generations, east coast and west coast residents have been arguing over who's dish is made better. However for our friends up north, the family managed Panzerotto Pizza is the clear winner. And after learning the history of the Panzerotto Pizza chain, it is simple to see why this little franchise is so cherished.

Mad Jack Caf: Excellent Food In Great Packages

David and his fish and chips.Image via Wikipedia
By Gladys Kings

Do we have to disregard the quality of food just because it is delivered to our homes? Not so. Sumptuous meals should be at the best quality whether or not you choose to eat at the caf or have the meal delivered. Cafes and fast food branches should offer the same quality of the food being delivered especially because most of them ask customers to pay extra for delivery fee. Restaurants also demand so that the customer's preference for the food to be delivered will be granted.

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