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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Boost your immunity with these helpful foods

Red, black and green teaImage by mat.teo via Flickr
By Angel Rose

The cold weather is here and the pollution is here. And as we all know, illnesses are also prevalents like fever, flu and colds. If you're a workaholic, there isn't any spare time in your busy schedule to get sick. So how can you cure or prevent getting these dreaded colds and flu without compromising any of your planned events?For one thing, you won't have any problems with your immune sytem in any place you will go. Even if you use items like volcano ecig coupon or going out to party, you are assured of having a well-protected body. Since prevention is better than cure you have to find ways on combating these bacteria by increasing your immune system.

Avoid Sickness With Proper Health Education

Summary of the GM foods evaluated by FDAImage via Wikipedia
By Mike Smoltz

There Are Serious Issues And Consequences With A Genetically Modified Food Supply

There are many serious issues that plague Genetically Modified (GM or GMO) foods. The world's top scientists have risked their livelihood to come out and warn us about the dangers of GM foods and how bad they are for our health as well as the environment. Unfortunately, big agriculture companies in alignment with governments are doing whatever they can to hide and ignore the dangers so that they can line their pockets with huge profits. Of course they would rather have you believe that they are doing their part to save the world from starvation. But little do they know that they are leading the world's food supply into a very dark and dangerous place. And when it gets to that point, when they realize what they did was wrong, it will be too late for anyone to do anything about it. It will be irreversible!

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