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Monday, July 18, 2011

St. Kilda Pizza

A supreme pizza with pepperoni, peppers, olive...Image via Wikipedia
By Dunkan Bakshmidt

St Kilda pizza pies rock!

As name suggests St Kilda Pizza isn't any kind of pizza. But it does not mean that St Kilda pizza hasn't got relation to pizza. Confused! Well St Kilda pizza is a Canadian trattoria. St Kilda pizza is the founder of bistros located in Canada, United States and Mexico. Essentially, St Kilda pizza was founded in Edmonton. It was known as St Kilda pizza and Spaghetti house. Then it was sold by its founder Gus Agiortis to David Mc Evoy. The company gained franchises in 1960. After slod out the company, Gus's bros established other new brands. Presently, in Canada there roughly 280 locations of St Kilda pizza. Company's headquarter is in Dallas, Texas. It operates using the handle St Kilda's The Connoisseur Pizza. And only one location is present in Mexico at Merida, Yucatan.

Mexican Cuisine: Classic Sauces

Mole ChickenImage via Wikipedia
By Robert Nickel

In our previous article "Let's Talk Salsa" we identified the ambiguity surrounding the word 'salsa' and used it describe almost any sauce of Mexican origin (with the exception of Mole sauce). Now, in this discussion we will take a closer look at a few classic sauces in Mexican cuisine that lie beyond the simple category of salsa.

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