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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Homemade Valentine Gifts

Victorian Valentine's Day CardImage via Wikipedia
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

I remember that old children's song I learned in my younger years:

Love is something if you give it away.
Give it away, give it away.
Love is something if you give it away.
It will come right back to you.

It's just like a magic penny.
Hold it hold and you won't get any.
Send it, share it, give it away.
It will come right back to you.

And because love can't be seen or touched, here are simple homemade valentine gift ideas I am going to share with you. When you give them away to your love ones, it is just like sending, sharing, giving away your love. Creating an impression in them that you are taking a piece of your heart and putting it into theirs. You will surely give Valentine's day another meaning to them and the holiday would never be the same again.

Pizza with Chicharon

By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

It's Valentine's day once again. I can't help but recall the past Valentine where it was just me and my girl friend Maricel sharing our thoughts while eating inside her rented apartment.

We have searched high and low that time looking for available seats in a restaurant but too bad, we had not found one. It was just me and her who were still single in our office, so we preferred to celebrate the Valentines' day just the two of us. Maybe there were really plenty of reasons why people celebrates Valentines' day because we can't find two empty chairs for almost all of the restaurants that time. When we became too tired of our soul-searching, we finally decided to just buy ingredients of the recipes that you can find here. It was never too bad for us because we learned lessons about restaurant reservations especially during special holidays and occasions and most of all we learned that we enjoy both the passion for cooking!

And in case you would wonder what makes that day worth recalling is because she shared with me something about her most intimate thoughts of being single. Perhaps she was just a little too carried away of the occasion or maybe she just wanted to express it to her best friend. She's lucky to have me around to do the listening. I just listened most of the time to her stories while eating in between words the pizza and sipping the drink we have prepared.

Start The Party With Novel Cocktails For St. Patrick's Day

the perfect martini (citrus, gin, martini, Tan...Image via Wikipedia
By Neela Vazzana

St. Patrick's Day is not just green day, it also mean one great and explosive party. This emphatically unmatched event is celebrated during the 17th day of March. This is originally and Irish gathering but it is also celebrated in the United States. During this day, everyone is required to be dressed in or bring something green.

Slow Cookers: For The Best Pot Roast You Can Serve

Pot roastImage via Wikipedia
By Brent Herman

Do you want to cook up the most scrumptious pot roast or stew during the weekend and serve it to your loved ones? What you need to do is have the best recipe and also make sure that you have the right cooker to make the meat tender and at the same time seals in all the flavour. Try to notice, when you cook up a piece of meat in a longer period of time using the usual pots the meat becomes dry and it tends to be bland. Keep in mind that the most comforting food one can ever taste are the dishes served at your very own home. In order for you to turn a slice of meat into a great meal you need to have slow cookers at home.

Use Induction Cook Tops For A Safer Cooking

美的電磁爐Image via Wikipedia
By Jon Geo

For some people cooking is the hardest thing that they can do in their lives because they don't have the right kind of equipment with them. If they have the right equipment cooking can be fun and easy to do. For children stove can be dangerous and risky. Whether in businesses or in house there are many accidents that happens cause by gas leak. Your cooking can be easy, comfortable as well as can be safe if you use induction cook tops. You don't want to take chances on the safety of your young children in your house.

Diet Tips For Dark Chocolate Ideas

Thorntons chocolate marzipan (milk chocolate a...Image via Wikipedia
By Christa Andrews

When it comes to chocolate candy, sometimes we just can't get more than enough!

It's perfectly fine to add a daily portion of chocolate to your diet, and maybe suitable for health benefits, however there are a few things you have to think about ahead of splurging.

Understanding Simple Lessons For Decorating Cakes

CakesImage via Wikipedia
By Daniel Williams

To have a beautiful cake on your table is not some kind of arcane art. It is actually more effortlessly done than you may think. All it takes is some time and a degree of patience and you can acquire the skills of decorating some impressive looking cakes of your own creation.

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