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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Set Your Party's Mood Right With Appetizers

Various hors d'oeuvre at a Romanian banquetImage via Wikipedia
By Michelle Ann Gelder

These little bits of meat and bread play a big role in entertaining guests. Many get intimidated by appetizers and resort to serving the microwavable kind. After all merely saying hors d'oeuvre is hard enough. This is unfortunate because the right kind of appetizer can make a party fun and memorable for guests and hosts alike.

Begin by considering the kind of theme the party has: Italian, Asian, Southwestern? Then start searching cookbooks and online references for appetizers that will express these different cuisines.

The Top Ten Most Desired Candies

Hard candyImage via Wikipedia
By Joshua Adekane

Candies are great tasting and make fantastic snack items for many varieties of different occasions; irrespective of whether selecting to place them in the candy dish on top of your desk or keeping them accessible for snacking only for yourself. You can want to fill snack food dishes at weddings or for any other celebration and also you really need to really know what will go over well.

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