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Friday, October 15, 2010

Extraordinary Pancakes

By: Juvy S. Iliwiliw

I have always loved to cook. My father and mother has taught me well with first lessons in cooking at home. Apart from cooking rice (staple food of the Filipinos) and learning to cook viand, mother has taught me well in baking pancakes so it will just be easy for me to bake them even in ordinary days and in times that I feel like eating them. So, I have grown to like and love pancakes. When I grow older, pancakes for me is just an ordinary food on the table. But I have always have the craving to taste it every time I got the chance to get nearer the table even how ordinary it may seem now.

But I remember one Christmas, mother was hospitalized and father was suffering from an illness. I think it was the Christmas where everyone has missed the overflowing food served on the table during Christmas Eve. All we could do that time was to wish for Christmas to pass by unnoticed so we would never long for our past Christmases. But it was the time for me to realize that what I thought to be just ordinary thing will bring extraordinary happiness that time. And I mean that thing to be the pancakes, the only food seen on the table coupled with the family's traditional fruit display.

After that evening's merry-making and everyone was fast asleep, I stayed up and bowed humbly to thank the Lord for our happiness despite the scarcity. I was so grateful that time for what seemed to be just ordinary pancakes had become extraordinary in our eyes and taste not because we have added more butter or eggs on it but because the family has mixed it with love and gratefulness.
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