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Saturday, January 22, 2011

How to Make Easy and Fun Homemade Wine

Wine grapes.Image via Wikipedia
By Andrew Miller

All right, you want to make some great homemade wine, but you do not have the money for all of the equipment, ingredients, nor do you have months to wait! It's all right though; thanks to no little ingenuity (and sometimes some strong taste buds), you can make wine in your home using the most basic of household materials.

Self-Catering Tips For Party Planners

Martha Stewart's Oreo Cheesecake CupcakesImage by cupcakequeen via Flickr
By Chloe Schneider

As much as each of us would like like to be Martha Stewart and do all the party requisites by ourselves, sometimes we simply have to give ourselves a break. Everyone may benefit from an spare hand, even the most organized ones. So don't be ashamed to ask for assistance, especially in the cooking department, where the food, the life of the party, is made to perfection.

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