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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Detox Juicer Recipes - 3 Killer Juices Of The Celebrities Weight Loss Secrets.

Fruit and berries in a grocery store, Paris, F...Image via Wikipedia
By Marius Niconer

Did you ever marvel how the movie and television stars we see each day manage to keep so slender and trim? What do they do differently to you and I to facilitate them preserve their astonishing good looks? How can they do it. What secrets do they keep from us. We try everything at our disposal, nearly starve ourselves to death, nonetheless still struggle to appear anywhere near as trim and appealing as those movie stars and celebrities.

They do hold an advantage with the riches that they have at their disposal, but they hold other secrets as well.

Easy Christmas Recipe

Crab served. Christmas dinner.Image via Wikipedia
By Roger Gallo

Christmas is the period to usher bliss and happiness. It's the moment to celebrate with exuberance and feasting with friends and loved ones, and feasting may be wonderful with great Christmas menu. Whenever I think of Christmas menu I visualize a big stuffed turkey as the attraction. But this is a simple affair that you may find in any dinner event all over the world. Be creative and modern this time of year. Greet the Santa with various cool and funky recipes.

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