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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Easy Christmas Recipe

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By Roger Gallo

Christmas is the period to usher bliss and happiness. It's the moment to celebrate with exuberance and feasting with friends and loved ones, and feasting may be wonderful with great Christmas menu. Whenever I think of Christmas menu I visualize a big stuffed turkey as the attraction. But this is a simple affair that you may find in any dinner event all over the world. Be creative and modern this time of year. Greet the Santa with various cool and funky recipes.

Though Christmas dinner is a ceremonial affair, where gentlemen and women are witnessed with elegant dress and urbane smile, however certain excitement can be integrated with extraordinary foods and drinks. Here are few options to make up your Christmas menu an affair to keep in mind.

Trout Cakes with Horseradish sauce

This dish is not an usual one. You need smoked trouts to finish this recipe. Lemon zest, pepper and capers are the other components that are included to marvel the dish. Horseradish sacue may be made in advance. The trout cakes may easily be made a one night beforehand to save your time. It is recommended to place the cakes in the fridge prior to frying. Coat the cakes in breadcrumbs before deep-frying to assign crunch to them.

Cornish Hen - It is a small turkey!

If huge turkey is the basis of the Christmas menu then your exceptional preparation could be produced with Cornish game hen. This hen is very small and may easily be served to all guests as an starter. I am confident that it will be a remarkable presentation. You could serve 1/2 hen to every invitee, so purchase the quantity of hens appropriately. The hen must be marinated for not less than 4 hours. Dijon mustard, brown sugar, ginger and soy sauce are a number of the add-ons that complement the preparation.

Basic but Tasty Dessert - Mini Bundt Cake

You may choose any essence for the bundt cake and ensure that you make use of non-stick cake mould for the recipe. It would allow the cake to set out easily with no sticking. These small cakes are exceptionally unproblematic to present and simple to devour as well by the visitors.

Relish these Christmas dinner preparations with various thrilling drinks!

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