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Saturday, March 12, 2011

2 Simple Recipes

Idli with Coconut chutneyImage via Wikipedia
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw


You will need:

1     cup grated coconut, chopped and toasted
1     cup sugar

Here's how:

1. Melt sugar in skillet over moderate fire. Stirring constantly.
2. Add coconut and mix.
3. Pour on greased board and roll into desired thickness using greased rolling pin.
4. Cut into desired sizes.
5. Cool pieces before wrapping in wax paper.


You will need:

3         pieces pandan leaves
           or 2 tbs. pandan powder
2/3      cup raw small white sago
1         cup thick coconut milk
1         can (850 g.) fruit cocktail
1         tsp. vanilla extract
1/2      cup brown sugar
1-1/2   cups water
           Fruit cocktail syrup
           Crushed ice

Here's how:

1. Combine water, fruit cocktail syrup, and pandan leaves or powder or boil.
2. Add sago and simmer over low heat until sago is tender.
3. Discard pandan leaves.
4. Add half of the coconut milk and simmer mixture.
5. Remove from plane.
6. Add fruit cocktail, vanilla extract, and sugar.
7. Pour into individual cups.
8. Let cool, then chill until set.
9. Before serving, top with ice and remaining coconut milk.

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