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Thursday, December 2, 2010

French Food Recipes

Different kinds of quiche.Image via Wikipedia
By Dr Kevin Johnston

French cuisine is enormously diverse unlike other country's cuisines. An understanding of the culture of French food plus recipes is an understanding of France itself. You will find variety of dishes, both in restaurants and homes. Every region of France has its own distinctive traditions in terms of ingredients and preparation.

Careers In Public Health Education

Rural Health Education FoundationImage via Wikipedia
By Morgan Treb

Health education jobs are an invaluable asset to the health and well being to improving our communities as well as our individual health. The idea is to teach people to take care of, and deal with, basic health care issues. The type of jobs you can expect can range from public health education to lab work or health science.. By promoting public health education, the underlying premise is that it will help people to practice and maintain what they have learn and pass it on for the future.

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