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Friday, October 1, 2010

3 Miracle Foods That Burn Calories

OISHI Green TeaImage via Wikipedia
By Annette Lode

Exist really food products that burn off fat? It could sound too fantastic to be correct, but scientific studies have discovered that men and women who eat certain foods turn out shedding more weight than those who don't eat the foodstuff - even when all elements are the same!

Snacks And Appetizers

Oven-baked mozzarella sticksImage via Wikipedia
By Christine Szalay-Kudra

Do you know the difference between an appetizer and a snack? Not much. Basically, we serve them at parties and snacks are anything we can put our hands on. Why make this distinction? If we ate them for snacks, we could be eating better and having more fun while we do it. Shouldn't we make the effort to eat better?

Experience A Healthy Life With Organic Dried Fruit.

Dry fruitImage via Wikipedia
By Stefanie Schwartz

In the modern world there is a major problem occurring in the world of fruit and produce. Certain companies are now using hormones and other chemicals to control growth, and this process is being linked to many dangerous diseases and ailments. A great way to get healthy and to avoid dangerous additives is to use organic dried fruit.

The Secret Law Of Attraction. Could It Work For You?

By Stuart B Clark

Exactly what is the secret law of attraction? Since the release of the book and movie entitled 'The Secret' tens of thousands of people around the world want to find out more. Most people simple do not understand the full potential of the secret law of attraction and this article is to help you understand more. As soon as you understand that it is really quite simple once you know how, you will be able to start using the incredible power of the law of attraction for yourself.

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