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Friday, March 11, 2011

All About Potatoes

Crispy Potato Skins with Sour Cream and Sweet ...Image via Wikipedia
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

      Potato is a name derived from the native American-Indian word "patata."
      Here are some interesting facts about the potato:

  • excellent source of complex carbohydrates which release energy slowly, keeping the blood sugar level steadier and longer
  • high in fiber, thus adding the digestive system to absorb water and making one fully satisfied and less hungry
  • high in Vitamin C and potassium
  • great source of vitamin B6
  • free from fat, cholesterol, and saturate fat
       Tips for Preparing Potatoes
  • Wash potatoes thoroughly.
  • Bring water to a boil before adding potatoes to shorten the cooking time, thus preserving the vitamin C.
  • Boil potatoes with skin to preserve the nutrients.
  • Limit the fat and saturate fat contents used in potato-based diseases.
  • Use olive oil in dressing for potato salad.
  • Top baked potatoes with fat-free sour cream and lowfat cheeses.
  • Adjust recipe to eliminate or limit the use of butter stick, margarine, and cream.


You will need:

1      kilo potatoes
1/2   kilo ground gluten
1/2   cup flour
2      pieces eggs
1      cup bread crumbs
        Vg seasoning
        Soy sauce

Here's how:

1. Wash potatoes thoroughly.
2. Boil them with skin on.
3. Remove skin and mash potatoes.
4. Saute gluten in garlic and onion.
5. Add Vg seasoning and soy sauce. Set aside.
6. Scoop about 1/2 cup mashed potatoes and flatten it.
7. Put some gluten in center and form into logs.
8. Roll on flour.
9. Dip in egg white before rolling on bread crumbs.
    Do the same with the rest of ingredients.
10. Deep fry in hot oil.
11. Serve with mushroom gravy as side dish.

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A Chilly Idea

Dessert!Image by kevincrumbs via Flickr
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

       When my elder sister got married and live with her husband far from us, her visit to the old home would always be an occasion worth celebrating for the family. She would really spread the news 3 days before her coming so that we can plan for another activity or simple family dinner ahead.
        I remember one Sunday afternoon, she gladly came home unannounced just to surprise everyone of her positive pregnancy test. I can still remember how she glowed that day. And I could still very well remember what we have in store for her that day just to celebrate with her a triumphant new beginning of being a mother.
        Here's the chilly ideas that we cooked for her and for all of us.


You will need:

1       small can fruit cocktail, drained
1/2    cup condensed milk
250   ml all-purpose cream
         Broas (soft lady fingers)

Here's how:

1. Arrange Broas in 8" x 8" baking dish.
2. Combine all-purpose cream and condensed milk.
3. Pour in half of the cream mixture.
4. Arrange another layer of broas on top.
5. Pour in remaining cream mixture.
6. Top with fruit cocktail.
7. Cover with foil and chill for at least 3 hours before serving.


You will need:

         Buko pandan flavoring
24     grams gulaman powder
6       cups lukewarm water
3/4    cup sugar
1       can corn kernel
250   ml all-purpose cream
1/2    cup condensed milk

Here's how:

1. Dissolve gulaman power and sugar in water.
2. Add drops of buko pandan flavoring to the desired smell.
3. Heat to boiling, stirring occasionally.
4. Remove from heat then pour into mold.
    Allow to get a room tremperature.
5. Cut firm gel into cubes.
6. Mix corn kernel, all purpose cream, and condensed milk.
7. Add to cubed gel and mix well.
8. Chill before serving.

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sticky rice in traditional banana-leaf wrapper...Image via Wikipedia
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

        Kakanins are dishes prepared from locally grown products. Their respective unique preparations are enhanced and made better by their province of influence. The variety of kakanins is as numerous as the islands in the Philippines.
        Preparation procedures for most kakanins are tedious and time consuming; take for example, the making of galapong. The rice grains need to be soaked overnight to make the grains malleable for grinding. Often, the long hours of cooking kakanins cannot commensurate with their shelf life and quality.
        Most kakanins are best eaten when newly prepared. Since kakanins are mostly made from starch, they tend to retrograde into hard rubbery products with time. They lose their water content as chemical bonding occurs.
        Freeze kakanins in a tightly sealed plastic to preserve their quality. When you want to eat them, steam or heat them in a microwave oven to make them palatable again.
        Kakanins are best served on a native platter lined with banana leaves.
        White grated coconut is a choice partner for kakanins. As a garnishing, it provides contrast to the kakanins dull color. Food coloring is seldom used in kakanins.


You will need:

1/2      kg. malagkit pirurutung
1         pc. small mature coconut
1         cup mascuvado sugar, ground
           Banana leaves

Here's how:

1. Soak malagkit pirurutung (violet sticky rice) overnight or at least 4 hours.

2. Grind malagkit pirurutung. If it is pale in color, add violet food coloring.

3. Knead malagkit and divide into small parts. Roll into finger-sized thickness
    then cut into three inch-long sticks.

4. Boil water in a deep kettle . Drop malagkit sticks one at a time.
    Remove floating sticks (they're now cooked) from water using a strainer.

5. Rinse the cooked product with tap water and drain.

6. Dredge sticks with grated coconut and serve in platter lined with banana leaves.

7. Serve with mascuvado sugar.

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