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Friday, June 3, 2011

Recipes For Tastier Rice

Chinese Rice dish in BasmatiImage via Wikipedia
By Aaron Patton

Have you got bored of having that very same old rice? Here are some interesting recipes for rice that may add to the fun and savour of your daily meals. Try these to break the monotony.

Perhaps, one of the simplest paths to cook rice is to boil it. But if you boil rice using the Japanese method, then the rice is certain to taste a whole lot better. For this, wash the rice numerous times. Then, soak the rice in water till morning. Next morning, drain the water and boil the rice. To boil the rice, you want water and rice both in equal proportions. Ideally, the ratio is one pint rice to one pint of water.

A Few Green Smoothie Recipes To Try

Description unavailableImage by wrestlingentropy via Flickr
By Nancy Marshall

Vegan smoothies, also known as green smoothies, are a fun way to have your required vegetable intake without the nasty taste. Having a green smoothie recipe will help you to maintain a good diet. Therefore in this article we look at a few recipes.

A Discussion on Being Vegetarian

Food for Life distributes food on an internati...Image via Wikipedia
By Hugo E. Cercil

No doubts about it, dieting is more than just eating food. Dieting involves eating the right kinds of food for the purpose of providing the body with the much needed nourishment and energy that it constantly needs. If you want to have a great body, exercising often is good but it's not enough - you will also need a good diet, preferably a vegetarian diet.

Grassfed Beef - Your Body Will Thank You!

Slices of beef for cooking.Image via Wikipedia
By Troy Truman

As a result of the reoccurring problems with meat, many individuals are trying to find a dependable answer to the issue. Folks are tired of acquiring mass produced meat from grocery shops that could, within the long run, be tainted. Not merely with bacteria along with other fungi, but also not be great for their heart well being.

A Salsa Recipe tempt your style buds

Tortilla chips, salsa, and guacamole from the ...Image via Wikipedia
By Charles Diaz

Salsa recipe is simple to organize and is of excellent nutritional value. Salsa originated in Mexico that merely implies sauce. In American English it generally refers to spicy and usually tomato based mostly very hot sauce. It really is used to add flavor for your food like crackers, pita bread, dumpling, sea foods, lower up raw veggies, falafel, potato chips, and tortilla chips. Salsa recipe is often used for appetizer, finger foods and other quickly held food items.

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