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Friday, June 3, 2011

A Discussion on Being Vegetarian

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By Hugo E. Cercil

No doubts about it, dieting is more than just eating food. Dieting involves eating the right kinds of food for the purpose of providing the body with the much needed nourishment and energy that it constantly needs. If you want to have a great body, exercising often is good but it's not enough - you will also need a good diet, preferably a vegetarian diet.

Whether we will accept it or not, it's now a fact that more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of incorporating vegetables in their meals. If you haven't been, you should. You see, a vegetarian diet has less fat, less calories and more minerals and nutrients that can help your body tremendously. You will be loading your body with essential elements when you eat more vegetables than meat.

The benefits of eating being a vegetarian and eating mostly vegetarian diets far exceed any benefits that might be attached to eating a meat based diet. Vegetarians are slimmer, fitter and more mentally and physically agile. A diet that is devoid of vegetables tends to make you feel lethargic and sluggish because your body is not getting the right minerals and vitamins to function properly.

Eating a vegetarian diet is a really good way of keeping in sync with nature. Anything that goes against the natural order of things is bound to cause an imbalance in nature. Many people, especially those who go back in history, all agree that the eating of mostly meat is a deviation from the way nature ordered the diet of man to be. This is because man is actually a herbivore not a carnivore, historically speaking.

The knowledge about how poultry are raised can make you become a vegetarian in a heartbeat. The demand for poultry has led to the use of growth hormones which accelerate the growth rate of a chicken. The growth hormone that is used to grow fatten chicken can be toxic to the human body when taken consistently. No wonder there are now all kinds of diseases that plague us all the time. If only we know and do better!

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