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Friday, June 3, 2011

A Few Green Smoothie Recipes To Try

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By Nancy Marshall

Vegan smoothies, also known as green smoothies, are a fun way to have your required vegetable intake without the nasty taste. Having a green smoothie recipe will help you to maintain a good diet. Therefore in this article we look at a few recipes.

One of the most popular ones is the blue berry banana. The ingredients are in the title; a banana, one and a half cups soy milk, seven or eight ice cubes, one cup fresh blue berries. Put all these together and blend for about thirty seconds or till the right consistency. This is a great recipe especially for children because it tastes great.

Another recipe to try is the vegan one. For this you need two bananas, one bunch spinach, one cup orange juice, one big mango and about eight ice cubes. Crush the cubes then blend the ingredients to a suitable consistency.

For those obsessed with organic foods, this recipe is a must. Ingredients are a banana, vanilla soy milk, avocado, mango all organic chopped and blended together. Use ice cubes to make it nice and cold.

A great tasting recipe is the mint chocolate. Use fresh mint, a banana, vanilla soy milk, chocolate and water to make this. These ingredients are chosen according to your preference. Blend all of them together until you achieve your desired consistency.

Try the veggie fruit smoothie. You require a few fruits and vegetables; an orange, a pear, a bunch of kales, a banana and cold water. Use different vegetables and fruits that you like.

Feeding children this can prove to be a challenge, so you need to garnish it. This will make it fun for the child and the will also like the taste. Make sure you add their favorite fruit for better response.

These green recipes are not so rigid; you can make your own. Just make sure you blend the greens and fruit in a one to one ratio. Make healthy eating fun for everyone.

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