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Friday, June 3, 2011

Recipes For Tastier Rice

Chinese Rice dish in BasmatiImage via Wikipedia
By Aaron Patton

Have you got bored of having that very same old rice? Here are some interesting recipes for rice that may add to the fun and savour of your daily meals. Try these to break the monotony.

Perhaps, one of the simplest paths to cook rice is to boil it. But if you boil rice using the Japanese method, then the rice is certain to taste a whole lot better. For this, wash the rice numerous times. Then, soak the rice in water till morning. Next morning, drain the water and boil the rice. To boil the rice, you want water and rice both in equal proportions. Ideally, the ratio is one pint rice to one pint of water.

Take a stew pan with a lid to boil water. Once it starts boiling, add rice, stir rice and close the lid correctly. You will take around 20 minutes to cook these rice but ensure the lid is closed tightly. You can serve these rice with curries, veggies or potatoes. It is advised to use best quality rice here to have the desired texture and taste.

What about rice with orange? Sounds tempting, doesn't it? For this, you need to bathe the rice completely and steam it. Add oranges, while the rice is cooking together with some sugar. Otherwise, you may even add honey to the same as per your preferences and wants. Make sure that you peel the white skin off the oranges and take away the seeds too.

When you serve the orange rice, place pieces of orange in each saucer. It will add to sample and the visible appeal of the dish. Orange rice are straightforward to make but the catch lies in selecting the correct rice. You need to choose finely processed rice only to come out with the perfect dish.

Rice can't just be cooked in water but in milk too. Rice when cooked in milk can make up for an excellent dessert. Soak rice in water. You will need virtually 1 cups of water to soak One cup of rice. Bring the milk to the boil and add rice to it once you've drained the leftover water from it. Now, cook the drenched rice with milk for an hour while you are keeping stirring it. Afterward, add some sugar and cut raisins and nuts. You could serve this dish hot or cool it down in the refrigerator and serve it chilled. Either of the ways it is bound to taste fantastic! Basmati rice is the best kind of rice for this recipe.

Therefore now you have all of the mouth watering recipes in place, try them out one by one and enjoy your rice experience. Happy eating!

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