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Monday, August 20, 2012

Shrimp Roll with Sweet Chili Sauce

English: Phla kung (Thai script: พล่ากุ้ง) is ...
English: Phla kung (Thai script: พล่ากุ้ง) is a spicy Thai salad made with prawns, minced pork, onion, thinly sliced lemongrass and herbs. The dressing is made with a sweet chilli paste (nam phrik phao), lime juice and fish sauce. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

There are plenty of handy kitchen tools that can be best used in cooking, but what could be better tools to use than what God has given us? Your hands can do anything a modern machine can, so don't ever use not having a well-equipped kitchen for an excuse. Your hands are your kitchen!

Live Longer By Drinking Red Wine

Ahhh... Wine
Ahhh... Wine (Photo credit: mRio)
By Polly Perrot

We have heard so many things good things about wine in terms of how it can affect your health. More specifically, it is the compound in wine called resveratrol that is responsible for a lot of the health benefits that wine possesses. What's more, recent studies reveal that resveratrol is potentially able to extend your lifespan. Learn about this fact by reading through this article.

Some Juicing Info You Wished You Understood

English: Cucumber, celery & apple juice
English: Cucumber, celery & apple juice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Immanuel W. Fairless

What are the benefits of juicing? We can explore more using this article.

Juicing provides extensive great results. It can reduce the need for drinking bubbly beverages and also sugary beverages, it may be consumed to change all this dangerous drinks. It can rejuvenate the energy, help a person slim down and may lower cholesterol.

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