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Monday, July 18, 2011

St. Kilda Pizza

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By Dunkan Bakshmidt

St Kilda pizza pies rock!

As name suggests St Kilda Pizza isn't any kind of pizza. But it does not mean that St Kilda pizza hasn't got relation to pizza. Confused! Well St Kilda pizza is a Canadian trattoria. St Kilda pizza is the founder of bistros located in Canada, United States and Mexico. Essentially, St Kilda pizza was founded in Edmonton. It was known as St Kilda pizza and Spaghetti house. Then it was sold by its founder Gus Agiortis to David Mc Evoy. The company gained franchises in 1960. After slod out the company, Gus's bros established other new brands. Presently, in Canada there roughly 280 locations of St Kilda pizza. Company's headquarter is in Dallas, Texas. It operates using the handle St Kilda's The Connoisseur Pizza. And only one location is present in Mexico at Merida, Yucatan.

Menus available in St Kilda Pizza are:

* Pizza

* Salads

* Ribs

* Pasta

Pizza is an Italian cuisine. Pizza is often made up of bread and on the top portion of it sliced onion, tomato, capsicum is omitted. Usual toppings which used for pizza are tomato sauce and cheese. Pizza is fashionable and famous dish all around the globe. Nowadays so many ingredients are used for toppings on pizza. It includes tomato ketchup or sauce, cheese, garlic, vegetables like onion, tomato, capsicum, sweet corn, chicken, beef, meat for example.

All over the world, pizza is being eaten. Non vegetarian also finds numerous kinds of pizzas in bistro. In Italy, Sausage pizza is most well liked. Sausage is a form of food that steadily includes animal fats, ground meat, spices, salt and some other ingredients. Typically Sausage is a food preservation method. And can be employed as ingredient in some dishes. Sausage is a meat typically acquired by Pork, veal, meat. Sausage is made of from nutritious, edible part of animal like blood, organ meats, scraps, fats.

In St Kilda's The Connoisseur Pizza, you will find number of types of pizza. A number of them are:

Sicilian-style pizza: Its toppings are directly roasted into the crust. It also uses catsup and cheese. Crust includes garlic, oregano and basil.

White pizza: It uses ketchup and dairy products. Spices like garlic, basil get utilised.

Calzone pizza: It is half moon structured. It is in the baked or fried form. Mozzarella is employed as topping.

Home Made Pepperoni Pizza: It is made up from classic dough, marinara sauce, and mozzarella cheese is used as topping. It is covered with the layer of pepperoni.

Chicago-style pizza: It includes 2 layers of crust.

Greek pizza: Olive oil is employed for topping. Also, feta cheese, oregano get used.

Sausage is a form of food that gradually includes animal fats, ground meat, spices, salt and some other ingredients. Typically Sausage is a food preservation methodology. And can be used as ingredient in some dishes. Sausage is a beef mainly obtained by Pork, veal, beef. Sausage is made of from healthful, eatable part of animal like blood, organ meat, scraps, fats.

Aside from these, Frozen and ready to cook pizza, Griddled pizza, Hawaiian pizza, French bread are some types of pizzas available in United States and other bits of nations.

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