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Friday, September 14, 2012

Talk Of the Town Barbecue Takes Home Top Honors

Galbi, marinated short beef or fork ribs in so...
Galbi, marinated short beef or fork ribs in soy sauce in Korean barbeque (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Chloe Gib

There is a love for Texas BBQ that circles the globe. This creation from authentic Mexican food recipes creates a flavorful explosion with every bite. Whether referred to as barbecue, barbeque, or even barbie the response is always two sauce dripping thumbs up.

It is true that there are other types of barbecue. Styles such as Kansas City, Memphis, and Carolina have their place in the pantheon of barbecue. But if they are in the pantheon Texas barbecue is sitting on top of them all.

There is a key that allows it to stand head and shoulders above the rest. It is not about the thoughts of cowboys on trail rides when the name is mentioned. Neither is it about the vision that can come to mind. A very distinct key comes through the fact that beef is the primary meat used. Other styles may be more focused on taste than the meat. Pork and Chicken can be used in Memphis and Carolina recipes. Beef and barbecue are an awesome match of flavor and substance.

Texas barbecue grew from authentic Mexican food recipes. These recipes were heavy on spices like chili powder and dry mustard. Spices like salt, black pepper, and garlic powder are also added in small amounts. When these are all applied to beef as a dry rub they create a nice layer of flavor that migrates into the meat. The dry rub ingredients can also be a foundation for the sauce, helping to achieve a thin sauce with a bold flavor.

When preparing barbeque there are several options available. The original approach is cooking the beef in an open pit. Gas and charcoal grills are popular options that can be used to make great tasting barbecue. Smoking the beef has exploded in popularity. Smokers have become almost as popular as grills. They provide more opportunities to enhance flavor. Different types of wood chips such as mesquite and apple can set smoked beef apart from the rest.

The function or gathering where barbecue is served can literally add taste to the flavor. Whether dining with family in a restaurant while creating a cooking vacation or sharing with friends at a tailgating party, barbecue reaches the fifth dimension in appeal. It is popular enough to be the focal point of television shows. It is also flavorful enough to be the center piece of any event.

Texas BBQ has been around for centuries creating flavorful impressions and content stomachs. It is the flavor of diversity and the taste of fun. Regardless of longitude or latitude, it can be enjoyed by all.

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