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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Using Fondant to Decorate a Beautiful Cake

English: 3-Tiered cake design with buttercream...
English: 3-Tiered cake design with buttercream roses on top. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Theresa Alvarez

When wanting to decorate a cake using fondant Los Angeles bakers do not have to worry that the material is too hard to work with. By understanding what it is and how it is best manipulated, those using it will be able to create beautiful cakes with no problems.

Any store that carries cake decorating supplies should have premade fondant icing available for purchase. This icing will come in a box and will need to be unfolded and rolled out on a lightly dusting of cornstarch. This will help to prevent the icing from getting stuck on the flat surface it is being rolled on.

Once the icing has been rolled out to the size needed, the next step is to apply it to the cake. It is important that the cake is fully prepped with a layer of buttercream icing before the rolled icing is applied. The buttercream icing will prevent cake crumbs from getting into the icing as well as act as an adhesive between the cake and rolled icing. This rolled icing will dry out quickly once it has been prepared so it is important that all of the prep work is done prior to rolling the icing out.

Using this icing is not as hard as it may appear. The decorator must have a steady hand as well as patience when working on the project. The icing should be carefully draped over the top of the cake and allowed to hang naturally over the sides. Then, with the use of a turntable, the cake can put rotated around as the excess icing is trimmed from the bottom. Once this has been done a fondant smoother tool can be used to further smooth down the top and sides to create a smooth surface.

This icing is a versatile material to work with, which makes it quite popular with its users. Sculptures made of fondant are a popular addition to the tops of many different types of cakes. Decorators will also use these sculptures to hide any icing cracks that might appear on the cake.

Because the premade version can be quite costly, many bakers will make their own out of marshmallows. Although it does take about 25-30 minutes to create the homemade version, the cost savings is well worth the extra time spent on the project.

Whether using the premade or homemade version of fondant Los Angeles decorators are sure to find that this type of icing offers the baker a quick and easy way to decorate a beautiful and professional looking cake.

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