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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Children's Party Pointers - Catering For The Choosy Small Ones

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By Jason Kings

Preparing your little kid's birthday party should be as enjoyable as the party itself. While children aren't the kind to be mute about their criticisms, they are simple to please. Just make everything cool, colorful and enjoyable, and the rest will be a snap.

Kids at the crucial ages of 2 to 5 still require their parents or guardians to accompany them to the party, so it's best to prepare something for the adults as well. For the children's fare, have everything in little sizes. It will likewise be a good idea to have finger food instead of full meals.

If you can, include kids' timeless favorites, such as sausages, hotdogs, and sandwiches. Give it an inviting presentation by setting them in a playful and colorful way. And whatever you decide on, avoid items that need to be cut with sharp knives. Fried chicken and barbecues are okay, but steaks, the ones that need fork and knife to slice, are definitely a no-no.

Also have plastic cups ready during kiddie parties. Children usually spill food and drink so it's better to avoid glasses or other breakable items to prevent accidents. Have at least two kinds of drinks: colorfuls juices and water. Napkins and trash bags should also be abundant and set in corners of the venue.

If there's one thing children love more than they love playtime, it is when they are permitted to eat sweets or desserts. You can have cathedral jelly for a colorful and playful look that children will certainly enjoy or the just as adoring cupcakes with fun toppers. Cakes and ice cream are still as popular as ever to children so putting them on the table wouldn't hurt.

It is not required, but it is appreciated if you prepare another meal for the adults who come with their children to the party. It doesn't have to be a complete set, but simply one or two assortments to keep them sated like a burger or a plate of pasta.

Kids will love you more if you can give away prize bags at the end of the party. Keep in mind that little kids opt quantity over quality so you don't need to put expensive items inside. They will prefer to see scores of little treasures like colorful pens for their craft projects and little basketballs rather than one costly tumbler.

Kids' parties are sloppy and boisterous, but they are also fun. Keep it that way by making it exciting. The buffet table is a great place to begin so make them colorful and cool.

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