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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why Soybeans Can Be Unhealthy To Men

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By Crystal Nichols

Soybeans and soy products are now very popular in the USA. This popularity is still high even though soy products have dangerous side effects. Unfortunately, these side effects are not even known to a number of them. The industry knows this too well and will maintain status quo.

To prove that this is not just a mud slinging campaign, take a look at the soy adverts. How often do you see men in the soy product ads, unless it is about some body building powder? What they know that the public does not is that soy is more dangerous to men compared to its effects on women, although both are at risk.

The following are three downsides that will make you think twice:

Soy is normally pumped up with extreme levels of estrogen. A handful of soy has the same amount of estrogen tat an emergency contraception pill has. Therefore, soy formula is something pregnant women need to avoid at all costs. Men should not stand and think they are immune. A man may soon be choosing cup sizes at the lingerie store due to hormonal imbalances that induce boobs. Women may get premature menses.

Soybeans are also rich in phytic acid. That is why like other beans, require thorough soaking before cooking. Once in the body, phytic acid has many dangerous effects. What this does is to go into your body system and eat up all the vitamins that you have stored in your muscles and bones. The nutrients too do not survive. It is an anti-vitamin really.

Trypsin inhibitors are the other chemicals that linger in the soybeans. The effect of these chemicals is to interfere with the stomach's process of breaking down proteins. The soybeans are rich in protein yet it kills off the other proteins in the stomach.

This said, there are more reasons to avoid soy products than to tale them. Only take soy products if they have been fermented. These are mainly Chinese tofu, Japanese natto and tamari soy sauce, which will not have any of the above hazards.

Many foods are silent killers yet we do not know. However, you can always find experts who are knowledgeable in them and will advice you well.

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