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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Run The Party Smoothly By Hiring A Catering Service

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By Audrey Foster

Parties should be fun and free of worries and hassles. The celebrator may be the main star of the event, but the main attraction is the food. A party without food is not much fun, unless it's a get-together bash for people who diet. The food is always the special number everyone is looking forward to even if you have great entertainment set for the party. To assure you have the greatest bash in town, go for food catering.

You ask: why choose catering if you can cook the whole fare? Admit it, even if you think you are an exceptional cook, cooking for at least five courses for more than five people isn't going to be a snap. With catering, the party's food menu doesn't take much effort beyond choosing food from a list.

Say just for the interest of debate you can, won't you feel beleaguered taking care of the cooking, planning the whole party, making sure every little critical things are present like napkins and cutleries, and hosting the whole show all at the same time? Keep in mind that a party may have a dozen or more guests, even for a hundred or so guests.

Give yourself a break. It's your party so you deserve to have fun. Even Martha Stewart needs people to assist her. You think she chopped every single component in her extensive fare while she cut and pasted ornaments concurrently? Everybody needs help. Get yours in the cooking department.

But catering should not just be plainly food. It should be great food. And it should be complete with every little thing you might omit if you have done it yourself. The food needs to be presented in an appealing table setting and should always be warm (or cold if it's dessert). There should be buffet table setting and warmers, necessary sauces, disposable cutleries, serviettes, and of course, trash bags.

What is another good thing about taking catering is that, if you consider it, it is cheaper than preparing the whole thing yourself. Everything is there, the package runs through more courses. It's not just the usual appetizer-main dish-dessert procedure; it has appetizers, main dishes, and afters, plural, so that your guests can have options.

Catering gets the job complete. You and your invitees get to have lots of options. The best thing of commissioning catering is that you, as host, get to get all the credit while your guests hail you as a party prodigy.

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