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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Finish Off A Meal With Sweet Desserts

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By Tom Marks

If appetizers are the starters of the meal and the main dish is the main feature, then desserts are simply heaven. There are a lot of terms to describe a dessert, but the most accurate one, I think everyone would agree, is it is simply irresistible.

Even if you have had just the most tasteless burger or the richest steak for the main meal, the experience is never full without a sweet conclusion. The meanest diet plan you are observing is no match for the sweet-looking masterpieces that are waiting at the end of the meal. Don't even try to fight it. A battle against desserts is a battle you won't win.

A dessert can be in many textures or kinds. There is the steamy hot apple pie with creamy vanilla ice cream on top and the classic chocolate cake. There is also the healthy, fruit-filled bowl. Whatever you prefer, whether you want it natural and healthy or dark and decadent, there is always a dessert that you would fall in love with.

Ask yourself this: is it fair for you to forgo the sweetest part of a meal when a soft sponge cake oozing with rich dark chocolaty syrup promptly awaits you on the table? Can you really say you are strong enough to reject it?

Picture the richest chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream topped with another serving of chocolate sauce waiting for you to finish your meal. Or a hot and sweet country style apple pie topped with a creamy vanilla ice cream that is ready to be served at your command. It doesn't seem fair to refuse yourself such simple pleasures of life. So don't.

Dessert isn't just an additional course, it is one of the main attractions of a complete meal. Reward yourself with desserts for getting through a tough day at work. You can also treat them as a kind sign for you to give up munching on that fat and juicy rib-eye steak. A dessert is the answer to your sanity. It's not good for the mental health to refuse yourself of the pleasures of the sweets. You may think that you are being smart for refusing them as you are sticking to you diet, but you are likely going insane right now because you can't take the picture of a delectable blueberry cheesecake slice or that fruit gateau out of your mind.

Don't try to refuse it. Desserts are simply irresistible however you look at it. Don't worry, though. Because even if you lose a battle against desserts, you wouldn't mind it at all.

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