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Saturday, November 27, 2010

All About Tea

In China, tea leaf is in cup Like Bali coffee....Image via Wikipedia
By Ralph Horace

Several people often relates a cup of tea as something very English. One time remaining pleasure of English tradition is having tea in the afternoon served in a fine china antique tea set along with a scone. As a way to deal with the heat and humidity, tea became popular to the British around the time of the Raj to keep from becoming dehydrated. At present, tea is loved by everyone.

The taking of tea in high society in Britain is a social event and the perfect time to take a little time to relax after a hard morning shooting any marvel of creation which had mastered the art of flying. Tea time is classy and refine venue for people to connect and interact.

The European demand for this drink is dealt with constant supply from East India in early 1700s. Chinese were second to India in supplying tea. As they perfected their products, Chinese team become more and more competitive. In the Staffordshire region, the production of bone china pieces began after a large discovery of china clay in Cornwall. Up until today, china wares became so popular worldwide.

That is how Chinese tea pots dominated the market. Most tea pots are highly decorated with intricate designs.

The most elaborately decorated pieces symbolize a significant period in Britain's history and is a stark reminder to collectors. An antique tea set is a highly coveted item, and is terribly collectible. Many high quality sets with little signs of wear sell for several hundreds of pounds at auction houses. Highly decorative tea pots are often sought by private collectors.

Generally private collectors opt for china, stoneware, or porcelain tea pots..Although, a full antique set has month more worth than just one piece.

Royal Doulton is one of the few highly recognized makers of tea sets. They have been in the business since 1815. They are actually known all over England to many men because they also use their materials to create urinals and toilets for pubs.

Another equally famous brand is Wedgewood china. Among their most famous clients and patrons are the queen herself. By 1800's porcelain became more and more popular.

Wedgewood are fond of designing subjects depicting Egyptian, Greek, or Roman culture. Massive demand for porcelain wares outpaced china wares. To supply the growing demands, makers have to adjust to whatever that is available.

Silver tea services are also among the most valued items.

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