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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Simplify Your Life With These Cooking Tips

Fruit BreakfastFruit Breakfast (Photo credit: jaredkuper)
By Dan Dillon

Dinner time is a period of day that many folks look forward to. Learn the way to cook and prepare great meals everyday and help your family like this special moment. This document is filled with useful information on preparing great meals.

If you'd like your time in the kitchen to be free from stress, create a catalogue of all the ingredients you'll need and ensure that you have everything on the list in close arm's reach. This could hinder you from being halfway through cooking up a meal and discovering that you're missing a critical component of the recipe. Collecting all items required before cooking doesn't need any additional time, and it can save time and unnecessary effort later.

A cool and dark location is best for storing herbs and spices. Their flavours are weakened by heat, light and humidity. Most spices will keep their flavour for around a year. Entire spices have a longer shelflife and can hold their flavour for about three years. If you store them the proper way, they are going to be fresher.

Many veggies and herbs have a perfume that remains on cutting boards even after they are washed. This can help to save you from eating garlic strawberries.

When prepping a salad for a potluck or for serving later in the day, layer it wisely. Tomatoes and other juicy ingredients should be on the bottom layer and lettuce along with any other ingredients which might wilt or get limp should be on the top.

Certain fruits, including avocados, bananas, apples, and pears will turn brown if cut and left exposed to the air for too much time. Salt water and lemon can stop it, but dipping them in pineapple juice works better for flavor. There isn't any reason for soaking the fruit; only dipping the fruit in the juice will accomplish the job well.

Be sure to refresh your spices every month or 2. If spices are kept open for too long a time, they will at last lose their flavour. If you know you won't use the entire spice bottle, give some of it to someone you know.

Having a great meal is apparent as fast as you take that first bite of something truly mouth-watering. Learning how to be a good cook requires fresh ingredients, a good recipe and an eagerness to learn. There's nobody who can't learn the art of cooking. Try applying these tips next time you try cooking something.

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