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Saturday, August 11, 2012

How To Prepare A Ghost Pepper Wing Sauce

Smoked Chicken Wings - Live Oak Barbecue
Smoked Chicken Wings - Live Oak Barbecue (Photo credit: freecandy13)
By Agnes Franco

Hot sauces are becoming very popular this week. This is even very prevalent in almost all restaurants all over the world. Chicken marinades or coatings can actually be made at home, but most people do not realize it. Even the popular ghost pepper wing sauce can be not that difficult.

It is made from a kind of chili called bhut jolokia. It is one of the rarest catch that you can have. It only grows naturally in the northern part of India to the border of Bhutan and Bangladesh. It is also one of the main ingredient of the pepper spray.

It may not be a very famous kind of chili. This is because of the different names used for it in many regions. A lot of experts even worry about the loss of the nomenclature of this plant because of variety of names that is used wherever region you go.

Preparing the dish can be easy if you really know which among the geographical distinction you like most. You have to be sure on which among the many kinds is the most delicious for you. If you want it to have a more unique taste, you can even try recreating your own form an existing recipe.

You can try buying the main ingredient in the grocery. Though, it is very important that you should be cautious when you are planning to try it. This is because it can be very dangerous for you as it is very spicy. So, you have to read the directions very well.

Take extra care during your preparation process. Be mindful of the risks when cooking very hot dishes. It is also advised by many that you have to take caution even when cutting it. The juice from the chili may even burn your skin if you do not take extra care.

Preparing a unique dish can be very exciting. A ghost pepper wing sauce can be modified as your own dish. Also, it is a good recipe that lightens the mood of all people.

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