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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Conspicuous Benefits of Juicing

Common culinary fruits.
Common culinary fruits. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Jorge Balibrera

With the CDC figures pointing to an approximate 40 % of the US population struggling with obesity and another un-accounted global group grappling with associated health problems, the need to take to healthy lifestyles and foods, has been on the rise. Juicing for one has been one of the most pushed methods to sustain a healthy lifestyle boosted in part by celebrities and the pop culture. And whereas there are a number of disadvantages pushed against this route, juicing has benefits as well. This article gives you some of the reasons why juicing is good for you. In other words, it gives you the benefits of juicing.

First, juicing allows your body to uptake nutrients more efficiently more possible than it would be possible using other techniques like easting the veggies and fruits wholly. With a large part of the present population suffering from a gut problem of one kind or the other, the digestion of normal fruits to extract the essential nutrients is lost in between. Largely, this is because, whole fruits have fiber, which is quite hard to digest on an ailing gut system. Juicing eliminates the stress and inefficiencies that come with eating fruits directly. In fact, because the fruit is completely almost 100% absorbed and this is a very positive benefit of juicing.

The other benefit of juicing entails the way it reduces your need to consume bulk to get the required nutrients. In a scenario where you would be required to consume lots of fruits and vegetables, juicing eliminates this, almost completely. For instance, you can have the nutrients equivalent to a gallon of fruits in a few glasses of juice. Logically, this would be an easy feat to beat. Moreover, if you are not a vegetables person, juicing instead of eating lumps of bitter vegetables to make the minimum healthy nutrient requirement would be more beneficial. Therefore, juicing has more benefits to all types of people.

The other prominent benefits of juicing come from the fruit and vegetables preferences all humans have. Out of all the vegetables that are sold in your local market, you most probably favor one type of vegetable or fruit over another. Over time and as a result, your body also learns to discriminate and the result could be devastating allergies against certain essential foods. Juicing makes it practically possible to create a mixture of fruits and veggies from different species. This not only helps you mix the different nutrient levels in different sources, but it also helps you avoid generating allergies with your feeding patterns.

The other benefits of juicing arise from their benefits to the body, as far as them nature is concerned. First, it's because juices naturally have little calories and fats, when they have little or no sugar added. You must appreciate the fact that, when these are low in a diet, chances are, it will cause less or little weight gain, if at all. Logically, this can promote weight loss and management initiatives.

Overall, there is no complete explanation as to why juicing is better than eating whole fruits as yet. However, the above are some of the logical benefits of juicing you will have if you go down that route. Overall, keep your juices varied and experimental, for the most benefits.

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