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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Enjoying A Twist On Fresh Mexican Food

Hard-shell taco with meat, cheese, lettuce, to...
Hard-shell taco with meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Agnes Franco

You may find yourself exploring Baja Mexican food at some point. The dishes favor fish and seafood for a different range. You also could enjoy other recipes and fajitas cooked in this style.

To understand this region's cuisine is to know the distinction between it and another popular type, which is Tex-Mex. Texas-style varieties are heavy on beans and spices. Taco seasoning, for example, blends all the spices of Tex-Mex. Baja-style goes for fresh ingredients and uses chopped chilies to bring out the flavor.

One mainstay in this culinary style is the fish taco, which is popular when creating dishes in this type of culinary experimentation. You can grill or fry up your favorite fish, and then layer with chopped hot peppers for extra heat. Serve in a soft-shell taco with lettuce and fresh salsa.

Fajitas and burritos also can reflect this type of regional cooking when you are ready to explore different menu options in this manner of cuisine. You can fix enough fajitas to last multiple days. Variations of burritos with fresh vegetables can be filled with scrambled eggs so that you can eat even early in the morning.

For beef dishes, carne asada made with skirt steak, a thin, well-done piece of meat, can be served with a fresh mix of vegetables and a side of rice to round out the meal for the full effect. This is another dish where the emphasis is on flavor over spice when it comes to overall effect. The richness of the meat carries through the meal.

Baja mexican food can be just the right answer for the times that you crave spice from exotic dishes without loading on a lot of calories. Take advantage of exploring different dishes to fix on your own, or enjoy a sampling at local restaurants. This style may be a new favorite in your home.

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