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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tips To Making Perfect Chicken Fingers

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By Willa Garner

For a quick, healthy handmade dinner, chicken fingers are a tradition, and learning to make them is a very useful skill. This dish is full of protein and everyone enjoys it. There is a wide variety of coatings and sauces that make them an interesting weekly dinner.

One of the keys to making tenders is to use all white breast meat. This will be tender and juicy, as well as healthy. These lean cuts are found in supermarkets as strips. They might have to be cut thinner so that they will cook easily.

The fillets must be washed with cold water. Then, they can be dipped in egg whites. Mix spices into these egg whites for added flavor. Many use honey and occasionally even cooking wine for this step. These ingredients should be coated thinly to avoid soaking the fillet, but there should be enough to help make the bread crumbs stick.

The bread crumb mixture should be prepared beforehand, either from a canister or from air-dried bread. Crushed corn cereal makes a sweet coating that will stay crunchy. Also try flour for a bumpy coating.

Once they have been evenly coated, place the strips in a single layer on a casserole dish or pan. Cook for about fifteen to twenty minutes, until the coating is a golden brown and the fillets have been cooked all of the way through. Check with a food thermometer to test for doneness. Deep frying can be messy, so be sure to use paper towels to absorb excess oil.

Coconut flakes can make an interesting tropical flavor. Also try adding pepper and other seasoning to the breadcrumb mixture. When well seasoned, the tenders will be delicious on their own and will not need any additional sauce.

When using a sauce, try not to use ketchup, as it is full of sugar. Honey mustard is a sweet alternative, as well as barbecue sauce. Making your own sauce can be fun and rewarding.

For storage, the refrigerator or freezer will do. Use an airtight container or freezer bag to prevent freezer burn. The tenders will be ready for a ten minute dinner solution.

Baking or frying chicken fingers is the best way to make a fast, homemade dinner. Kids love it, and it is great for feeding the whole family. Quick meals like these can help promote a healthy lifestyle.

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