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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

People Love To Eat Chicken Fingers

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By Marsha Silva

There are several name variations for chicken fingers, including chicken strips, and chick fillets. Though the names vary, the basically recipe is the same. They are white meat from chickens (most commonly rib meat) that do not not have any skin on them or bones in them.

They are then coated with a breading mixture. The most common preparations is to then deep fry them. However, grilling or brazing is a great option. Some people go without the breading.

They are served in restaurants in Canada, the United States, Australia, and also Europe. They're popularity and form in Europe is often less consistent, the U. S. Being the most popular serving grounds. However, it is easy to duplicate and serve this recipe in any area of the world that has access to poultry.

The most common variant in recipes is the quality of meat and the style of breading. In the United States, the New England states make theirs with a smooth texture from the egg batter they use. These are almost exclusively served as a main dish or side in Chinese restaurants.

There are other places that serve it without egg batter and a much heavier breading. Fast food chains have served them but it is usually reformed meat rather than breast or rib meat. This reformed recipe is more commonly referred to as 'nuggets'.

Sauces for dipping are a very popular side item. The most common are blue cheese or ranch dressing, barbecue sauce, buffalo sauce, sweet and sour sauce, honey mustard, ketchup, and butter and garlic. There are many many more variations of sauces, but these are the most common.

There are many different serving options as well. Typically, they'll come with french fries. They can even be put on a salad or served on a bun. There are even entire restaurant based on chickens, and the strips are a staple of those establishments.

The strips were put on the menu of many fast food chains, but they never really stuck. Nuggets are a very popular item in the fast food industry and they are much cheaper than strips. Though now, most places advertise 'all white meat' in their nuggets.

For better or worse, this food item is a staple of most modern diets. They can be healthy or unhealthy based on the amount and style of breading used. Chicken fingers are a fun to eat food item, and they're worth a try. Read more about: chicken fingers

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