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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yummy Food Of Hawaii

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By Zeke Morganstern

Hawaii is recognized for a lot of things like: anthurium flowers, hula and surfing. But right now, I want to discuss Hawaiian foods. Hawaii is populated with folks with quite a few distinctive nationalities and its food reflects this substantial multitude of influences. Hawaii's food is really a blend of Hawaiian, Asian and European influences.

A Lau-Lau is really a savory Hawaiian food which ordinarily consists of pork, salted butterfish and taro root wrapped in an internal coating of taro leaves and then an outer coating of ti leaves, that are designed to seal in the moisture to keep the meat soft and moist. It's cooked within an imu (an underground oven) for many hours until the meat is so soft that it comes off the bone. When it is dished up, you open it up and consume everything but the ti leaves.

Spam musubi features a Japanese and a modern Hawaiian influence. Musubis are definitely Japanese foods. They're balls of salted rice which are occasionally covered with seaweed. While spam was introduced to Hawaii during World War II. Because meat was scarce, island residents started using spam in quite a few dishes including spam musubi, that is essentially a musubi with a piece of spam. This preference for spam has not receeded and Hawaii has one of the top per household levels of spam consumption in the planet.

Malasadas had been brought here by Portuguese sugar plantation employees. They are much like donuts except they do not possess holes inside the middle. The standard reason for creating them was to deplete all of the lard and sugar within the home prior to Lent. The immigrants would normally share these delicious goodies with their community and this is how malasadas became well-liked in Hawaii.

Lastly, poi was introduced here by the early Polynesians, who settled the islands. Poi is produced by mashing cooked taro root with water. A heavy paste-like mixture is made and it's the center piece of a standard Hawaiian supper. Almost all people recall their initial encounter with poi and several say that it carries a texture that has a resemblance to paste. But those that stick with it usually obtain a preference for it.

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