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Saturday, July 30, 2011

5 Coffee Tips

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People all over the world consume on average 330 million cups of coffee each day. This happens every day. The stats shouldn't come as a surprise seeing as how one of the first things millions of people do each day upon waking is make a pot of coffee. This makes coffee the third most popular drink in the world preceded only be water and soda. To increase the freshness of their morning cup of coffee, many tend to buy coffee online.

Everyone has their own way to enjoy their favourite cup of coffee. Whether it be straight up black, or mixed with cream (flavoured or not) and sugar, perhaps frothy or a double whammy shot like espresso. The point being that there are many ways to enjoy a cup of coffee. Incidentally, espresso is the most popular way to enjoy coffee.

There are a few tips that you should follow to make sure you are brewing the best cup of coffee you will ever have.

Tip 1: Use Cold water to brew your coffee

There are some people that think brewing your coffee with hot water will actually make the coffee hotter when it is poured, it doesn't. You want to use cold water so that you get that rich and fresh taste. If possible use bottled spring water or purified water to brew your coffee.

Tip 2: Clean Your Coffee Pot Thoroughly Before and After Each Use

If not each and every time you make coffee, you should clean your filter and your brewers on a regular basis. Things like dirt and oil and left over grinds can build up over time. As they build up the taint the taste and flavour of your coffee. Clean filters and brewers are one of the best ways to get a really great cup of coffee.

Tip 3: Use egg shells in the grounds

Yes, that's right. To brew a smooth tasting cup of coffee break up eggshells in the coffee ground before you start brewing. The egg shells will absorb some of the acidity making the coffee very smooth. This is great for people that love their coffee everyday but that are finding their stomach just can't handle it any more. You don't have to give up the cup, just brew it with eggshells.

Tip 4: If you want a cup of coffee with more kick drink medium roasts coffees

The old saying the darker the berry the sweeter the juice, with coffee the lighter the roasts the more kick the coffee has. Dark roasted coffees have less caffeine because the beans are roasted longer. The longer a berry is roasted the more caffeine the berry loses.

Tip 5: Buy roasted coffee beans asap after they have been roasted

The best way to get the freshest coffee aside from owning your own roasting facility is to buy coffee online. Getting the freshest beans means brewing the freshest cup of coffee. It is also recommended that you buy whole beans and grind them at home just before use.

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