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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Indulge Into These Desserts For Any Occasion That Desires A Sweet Touch

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By Mike Smith

Just about every group in every nation has a desert that is considered to be a gourmet dessert. In fact, gourmet lies in the eye of the beholder, but there are some gourmet desserts that are recognized the world over.

Most delicacies that are considered "gourmet" take time, effort, and skill to prepare and present. However, there are a few of these desserts that don't require near the effort or skill that one might think. For instance, trifles are pretty easy to prepare, while crme brulee, baklava, and Baked Alaska take some skill to perfect.

While Baked Alaska is a delicious gourmet dessert, it is one of those that is difficult to accomplish. The recipe includes a rich concoction of egg whites, fresh fruits, and ground hazelnuts.

Other prevalent gourmet dessert recipes also include the many different mousse recipes. Mousse is light and fluffy, but is often higher in calories than heavier desserts. However, mousse desserts leave room to breathe after a large meal. Mouse recipes can include bittersweet chocolate, egg whites, heavy cream, sugar, and run or other liquors. Mousse desserts have a rich taste and are very satisfying, but aren't nearly as filling as some of the other dessert options.

One gourmet dessert that takes much less time than what you'd expect is Petit Fours.
Filling the Petit Fours with fresh fruit will make them lower in calories than many other gourmet dessert choices.

Strawberry and Trifle desserts are usually considered to be gourmet desserts even though most of them require little time to prepare. Strawberry desserts can be something as elegant as strawberries dipped in chocolate or as simple as strawberry shortcake.

Depending on where you live, the traditional gourmet dessert can be very different. Each region has their own twist on Trifle. For example, the traditional British made Trifle is made using a complex recipe that includes fresh whipping cream, pound cake, home cooked custard, and fresh raspberries. On the other hand, Americanized Trifle uses whipped topping, angel food cake, custard topping, and prepared raspberry pie filling. Dark chocolate shavings are often added to add flavor and texture.

Gourmet will depend largely on where you are, who you are, and what you like. Whether your favorite dessert is considered to be gourmet in your area or not, dessert is certainly everyone's favorite part of a meal.

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