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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Making Bhut Jolokia Sauce At Home

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By Patrice McCoy

The bhut jolokia or the ghost chili pepper is known to be the spiciest of all peppers in the entire world. In the field of cooking, chefs usually make sauces out of them in order to add more flavor and to give some dishes a kick. So for those who love spicy foods, here is a recipe on how the make the world famous bhut jolokia sauce.

These types of chili were originally found in a north eastern part of India called Nagaland. Eventually, people discovered that there are more places in India that are able to grow these kinds of plants. Other areas include Manipur, Assam, and even some areas in the outskirts of Bangladesh. Making a sauce out of this is said to be able to be a hundred times spicier than even Tabasco or chili sauce.

Some things to take note of before starting is to always be very careful when dealing with a ghost pepper. It is always a must to wear some rubber gloves when handling these peppers because they are so hot that they can actually hurt bare skin. Another thing to take note of is that only a small amount of the chili should be used otherwise the sauce will be much too hot for people to handle.

So when starting, make sure that all of the ingredients are already ready for using. One will need the chili, a few cloves of garlic, chopped onions, cumin, vegetable oil, and salt and pepper. The first task is to slice a small piece of the chili and dry it out in the sun so that it can be mashed later on.

When the chili has finally dried off, it must be pounded into small pieces. In order to do this, one may use a blender to instantly crush it. Another way would be to pound it repeatedly until it is crushed. If none of the two mentioned are available, one may put the chili inside a small plastic bag and use a rolling pin to flatten it. Of course, this method may take a bit more time than the other two methods mentioned above.

When that is done, add a half cup of the onions, the minced garlic, a half tablespoon of cumin, and one and a half tablespoon of the vegetable oil to the blender. Blend all of them together until mixed together. The indication that it is fully mixed is when the sauce becomes dark red.

Then put the mix into a small pan and boil it under a weak fire. Simmer it for around fifteen minutes until a lot of bubbles start appearing. Eventually it will turn a bit thick and will soon be ready to serve.

Basically, that is a very simple and easy to learn recipe for making the famous bhut jolokia sauce. To get the best out this flavoring, it can be added to dishes like tacos, chicken wings and even rice. It also is great for making hot salsa or chili oil. With this, one can get the best flavor and spice out of any food.

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