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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kitchen Tricks

A "Monte Cristo" sandwich. Bread coo...
A "Monte Cristo" sandwich. Bread cooked in spiced egg mixture, with ham, turkey, Swiss cheese, and Creole mustard. New Orleans. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Juvy S. Iliwiliw

Don't let a simple mistake ruin your whole kitchen experience. Here are tricks to make that could beautify your mistakes in the kitchen and the good thing, you won't have to put pressure to yourself about your mistakes. They are just there to help you out on your way to your becoming a chef in your own kitchen.

If you added way too much salt, don't despair. The solution, add slices of raw potato to absorb the excess salt. It should put your cooking back to track.

How about when your dinner is burnt...Don't begin again what you have started. The solution, don't touch the food. Immediately place the pot in a bigger container with cold water and leave it uncovered. When it has cooled, gently pour the contents into another pot. Burnt food should stick to the bottom of the pot, making it easy to discard.

The sauce is too thick...don't put a spell on it. The solution, add one tablespoon of stock then stir food with a wooden spoon or whisk, scraping the bottom while doing it. Continue until you reach your desired consistency.

You can't help but cry while slicing will not cry anymore. The solution, place onions inside the refrigerator days before you use them. The chilled onions will lessen the sting that comes while cutting.

What if the water all dried up and the rice is not yet cooked...don't frown. The solution, use water to dampen a double-ply paper towel and place it on top of the rice. Then cover the pot and continue cooking on low heat. It should prevent a partially cooked result.

You will need:

1 pack 250 grams Purefoods Ham Selections Spiced

1 pack 200 grams Magnolia Cheezee, sliced

1 loaf white bread garlic powder for dusting

2 pieces eggs, beaten

1 cup Magnolia full cream milk

2 cups Japanese bread crumbs

2 tablespoons Dari Creme Classic Margarine

3 tablespoons Magnolia Nutri Oil

Here's how:

Place Purefoods Ham Selections Spiced and Magnolia Cheezee slices on a slice bread. Sprinkle garlic powder on top and cover with another piece of bread. Flatten sandwich using a roller pin. Cut sandwich into 4. Do the same with the rest. Beat eggs together with milk. Dip each sandwich in egg-milk mixture then in bread crumbs. Melt a tablespoon of margarine and Magnolia Nutri oil in a frying pan. Pan fry sandwiches until golden brown in color. Turn to other side for even cooking. Serve warm.

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