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Friday, January 21, 2011

Use Mind Over Matter To Change Your Life

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By Jackie Traveller

Many people doubt the validity of claims that you can change your own circumstances easily. In fact, most people believe that your current lot in life is the one you are stuck with. Understanding what 'mind over matter' is all about will change your outlook on life.

The truth is, everything can be put down to mind over matter. We all have the capacity to master our own mind power. You just need to know how to do it.

One of the ways you can begin to develop using mind over matter is to practice turning your negative thoughts into positive affirmations. Spend some time thinking about what it means to control every aspect of your life with your thoughts. You could bring about a better job, more money, happier relationships, a healthier body and a happier disposition easily when you know how.

Now think about the things in your life you are happy for. You might be proud of your achievements, pleased with your home, happy with your relationship. Each of these circumstances are also a direct result of your mind's power. After all, you made the choices that resulted in these things being in your life.

Your subconscious mind has already been programmed to make you feel dread toward your job. Because of that negative belief, your life is highly impacted in all areas because your job is a huge part of your life.

Take some time to listen to what you say to yourself in the privacy of your own thoughts. If you're thinking 'I hate my job, I can't afford nice things, I'll never lose weight', then these negative thoughts will influence your actions. You will unconsciously make choices that will make these thoughts a reality in your life.

No matter how much you disagree with that statement, just try it. Eventually, you will begin to believe it, quite like those negative thoughts that have been bombarding your mind all these years.

A good way to begin putting the power of mind over matter to work for you is to repeat to yourself several times a day 'I love my job, I'm losing weight easily and money comes easily to me'. At first, you will automatically disbelieve these things. You will be tempted to feel as though they aren't true and they won't happen, but you'll be slowly programming your mind to accept choices that will result in more positive outcomes.

You will begin to see that everything in your life is mind over matter once you take a step back and think about your previous choices and decisions. Take for example a person who has been through a violent or abusive relationship. If those people have been told repeatedly they are fat or stupid or useless, eventually they'll believe it. Their self-esteem will come crashing down.

This is because the sub-conscious mind becomes programmed by telling it what you want to believe over and over again. At first a person in such a negative relationship might think 'I'm not those things'. The thought doesn't feel right, but over time they begin to believe it and then they begin taking actions that reinforce that belief.

Now think about the opposite approach. If you tell yourself regularly that you are beautiful and worthy of a great job with plenty of money, you will at first think 'that's not true'. But deep down your unconscious mind will be listening and the reprogramming will be happening slowly. Before you know it, you'll believe in yourself and your actions will lead to more positive outcomes.

It really is possible to live a life of joy and abundance once you have mastered the principles of mind over matter.

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