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Friday, January 21, 2011

Five Smoothie Maker Tips You Might Not Know

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By Alison Graham

A home smoothie maker does not have to cost you a lot of money. In fact, it will save you money on store bought, ready-prepared smoothies and you will have the benefit of knowing exactly what has gone into making what you drink. Smoothies made at home are fresher, are free from unwanted additives and have not been heat treated so you know they retain 100% of their goodness.

Here are my top tips to make even better use of your home smoothie maker. You can make delicious and nutritious smoothies for all the family. The nice thing is that not only are you giving your family something that they really enjoy, you are also helping them to eat more healthily. Smoothies are so full of goodness that the positive health benefits are sure to be felt by everyone, young and old alike.

If you do your shopping on market stalls or make the most of a seasonal glut of a particular fruit, you can buy your fruit very cheaply. You can certainly also economise by buying these fruits in larger quantities when they are cheap, preparing the fruit ready for your smoothie and then freezing it so that it can go into the smoothie maker frozen. You can do this for most fruits including melon but it does not work well for fruits like oranges and lemons. Frozen fruit has great nutritional value and has the added benefit of making a creamier smoothie.

You do not need to waste any smoothie mixture if you have made too much. Small quantities can be frozen as little ice cubes which the kids will love added to another drink. Larger quantities can be turned into a healthy alternative to the ice lollies found in supermarket freezers - you will also save yourself some money!

If you have difficulty getting children to eat their green vegetables, green smoothies are delicious. The combination of green leaves, such as spinach with fresh fruit is absolutely irresistible. It may sound a surprising combination, but it really is so yummy!

When a recipe calls for added sugar, you should taste the smoothie first. Very often it will be sweet enough for your taste. If it does need sweetening, a much better option would be to add honey rather than refined sugar.

Some people have severe digestive problems if they consume dairy products and this may put them off having smoothies because of the milk that is often a key ingredient. There are lots of things you could use instead though. Nut milks are great, try almond or coconut and for something more unusual but very good for you, try cooled green tea in place of milk.

If you are unsure about taking the plunge and buying a home smoothie maker, you could try out some recipes in your blender. Some blenders are not really powerful enough to crush any frozen ingredients so it may be best to stick to fresh fruit recipes at first. Once you have experienced the improvement in your health, you will not want to go back to juice or squash and I hope the ideas I have given you will get you started on enjoying smoothies with your family.

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