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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Morning Banana Diet Critiqued

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By Carl Rearden

Is it possible for you to conceive of eating only bananas for breakfast every morning? As hard as it is to imagine, many Japanese adopted precisely that course while the Morning Banana Diet was popular in Japan. In fact, bananas became so popular during the Morning Banana Diet's zenith that Japan experienced a national shortage of the fibrous fruit.

Troubled by her husband's weight problems, Sumiko Watanabe tried to assist her husband in shedding his unwanted pounds by creating a diet specifically for him. After trying the resulting diet (named the Morning Banana Diet) out, Watanabe's husband publicized his success with the diet, and the diet became a national sensation in 2008. It was then quickly adopted by many different groups of people in Japan.

Japan is probably less susceptible to fad diets than America, and Americans have more than their fair share of fad diets. While Americans can't lay claim to anything as ridiculous as the Morning Banana Diet, they can claim ownership of such diets as the Cabbage Soup Diet and the Lemonade Diet. Even though America has its fair share of educated professionals, the public is still susceptible to the false promises of fad diets.

But if the Morning Banana Diet is a fad diet, then how did so many Japanese people lose weight while on it? The answer to that question is not simple, but there are two possible reasons why the Morning Banana Diet seemed successful. One, dieters on the Morning Banana Diet may have eaten fewer high fat and high sugar foods. Two, dieters on the Morning Banana Diet may have felt inspired to exercise more so that they could maximize their weight loss gains.

If it's true that people lost weight while on the Morning Banana Diet, does that mean that you should adopt the Morning Banana Diet? Of course not. There are a great number of alternative ways to lose excess fat.

For starters, if you are serious about becoming trimmer , you might want to consider lowering your daily caloric intake. Every calorie that you consume that you don't burn is converted to body fat. If you want to lose weight then you need to burn more calories than you consume.

So, if you really want to lose weight, you should try to reduce how much food you consume each day, or start working out more consistently . Eating less is probably more likely to result in more weight loss in the long run, but both reducing calories and working out are superb ways of eliminating excess body fat. And the more excess body fat you eliminate (up to a point), the slimmer and more attractive your physique.

If you are serious about losing weight, you might want to start dieting with a group. Dieting with a group can confer many benefits that dieting alone can't equal. For example, when you diet with a group, you receive positive feedback as a result of your efforts.

Dieting with friends also aids in enabling you to feel happier. Sometimes when we feel better about ourselves and happier in general, it is easier for us to eat less. This is largely because for some people eating is a substitute for healthy human interaction.

So don't try the Morning Banana Diet, but do attempt to find yourself a group of friends to form a dieting group with. You will be surprised at how easy and fun it is. Don't delay. Start as soon as you can!

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