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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Take Responsibility Of Your Health

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By Liana Badea

Health is defined as a state of well being. The medical dictionary (Medilexicon) has three definitions for health. To summarize in few words, health is a state of the body when it functions optimally without evidence of disease. This state is characterized by a dynamic balance between the emotional and physical levels in the body.

The human body has its own healing mechanism, therefore we create our own health. To keep ourselves healthy we need to take care of our body. We need to develop strategies to activate the self healing mechanism, as well as methods to prevent diseases.

Lots of researches have been conducted to study the origins of diseases. Statistics show that majority of diseases are caused by humans themselves. This shows one more time that diseases should be prevented.

Number one preventive measure is to stop polluting the soil and water. Ocean pollution is a major problem that is affecting not only the ocean, but the rest of the Earth, too. Pollution in the ocean directly affects ocean organisms and indirectly affects human health and resources. Oil spills, toxic wastes, and dumping of other harmful materials are all major sources of pollution in the ocean.

Stress is a major disease factor too. Stress and imbalance create not only a sick body, but also an unhealthy society. The environmental stress is a response to things around us that cause stress, such as noise, crowding, pressure from work or family, etc. We create stress by not getting enough rest, working too hard or too much, not knowing how to manage our time well, or how to take time out for rest or relaxation.

Bottom line is that we can not expect the medical technology and doctors to keep saving lives as we continue to destroy ourselves with bad lifestyle habits. We need to take responsibility of our own health and stop blaming the health crisis.


Taking responsibility involves self awareness. Traditional medicine is becoming very expensive. The solutions to this problem is switching to alternative medicine, herbal remedies, healthy nutrition and exercise.

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