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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Making Homemade Wine: Kits vs From Scratch

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By Andrew Miller

There are two broad ways of making homemade wine; either from a kit or completely from scratch. Both these ways are perfectly fine routes to go for making your own homemade wine; the choice is dependent mostly on skill level and the room you have. It is likely that you will do both; start out with a kit to get comfortable and then work your way towards making homemade wine without one.

Wine Making Kits

Wine making kits are best used by beginners because as long as you follow the instructions, they are foolproof. Wine making kits are faster than making wine from scratch since you use juice, not fruit which would need crushing. Kits also take up far less room; everything you need will fit on a small table or countertop; no huge barrels or presses taking up space. Wine making kits can be found online and in many businesses in the real world. They are not very costly and you will get much of the equipment you would need for any kind of wine so you can get everything you may use later right now.

Although wine making kits are largely idiot proof, you still have to be very careful and choose a good wine making kit with the best grape or other fruit juice you can get. You only get the quality of wine that the kit will give you; if you want good quality wine then you need a high quality kit. Read kit reviews carefully and make sure to pick one that you will feel comfortable with.

Wine from Scratch

Making homemade wine from scratch means doing everything yourself; from the pressing of the grape to the bottling if you want to get really traditional, even growing your own grapes. Making wine from scratch should be done only if you are comfortable with the process and have an area open for all equipment you need such as barrels and presses. However, there are many recipes to make your own wine and you can experiment far more freely than you can with a kit which will usually only let you make basic fruit wines such as grape. Furthermore, you will get a real feeling of pride when you uncork your first bottle of completely homemade wine that you have made all by yourself.

Making wine from scratch is a real accomplishment in the wine making world for a newcomer, but make sure that you have complete sanitized tools and hands every step of the way and that you have quality ingredients on hand, otherwise your wine will turn out badly and you will have to start again. Furthermore, you will probably have a few bad wines, but don?t get discouraged by this. Every failed wine is a learning experience and a lesson as to what you should avoid doing next time.

There is nothing wrong with making wine from a kit to start and progressing towards making home made wine completely from scratch. Both results will yield perfectly good wine. Whichever route you choose, remember that you need to keep everything clean, have quality equipment and ingredients and of course remember to have fun.

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