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Monday, January 24, 2011

A Look At The Top Five Coffee Makers

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By Allison Choise

Most mornings around the world start with coffee to usher in the new day. And fortunately, close to 100% of food establishments worldwide serve coffee as part of their menu. Coffee and coffee makers are a booming business these days, mainly because a great majority of the world needs that cup of coffee to stay awake and have energy to last a long day of work. The business that surrounds this part of the world is big and more and more people are trying to get in on it. This means that there is more than enough competition to make the best in coffee maker products that the world has seen. This is an important thing to a good many people as the coffee maker is the number one appliance in their home.

Bunn is the best-selling coffee maker currently on the market. For a good many years the company was not making products for the home, but instead only those for the many businesses that served the drink. This has all changed as the Bunn company has seen the demand for their top quality coffee maker products for the home. This has brought new levels of financial stability to the company and they are enjoying the success overall.

Coming in second to Bunn in terms of sales and quality as well, Senso is also capable of making capable coffee makers. And all it takes is a look at their catalog to see the great products they have come up with. Many people make the best coffee with these coffee makers, regardless of model type. They have also proven to be useful as well for coffee shops and restaurants.

Cuisinart is a big name in the small home appliance world and their coffee makers make that statement as well. While they have not always been in this business, they are making a mark across the world with the new lines. The name Cuisinart alone means something to buyers, and they haven't been disappointed so far by their offerings in the field of coffee making.

Keurig doesn't have the experience or name recall of the first three, but their coffee makers aren't bad at all. Regardless of how you enjoy your coffee, these makers offer something for everyone that could last the long haul.

Finally, Krups comes in fifth and is still known for their quality coffee makers. They could've been higher in the rankings if not for an issue with outsourced products, a lot of which were recalled.

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