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Monday, January 17, 2011

Single Serve Coffee Machines That You'll Love

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By Thomas Patricks

Check out the following tips before deciding to buy a single cup coffee maker.

Reusable filters or paper filters, which one does it use?
Can it dispense coffee into a normal sized mug?
Is it modifiable to accommodate a bigger mug or does it come with a thermal travel mug?
Can you make two or more cups immediately behind one another?
Can you program the machine?

If you want something that brews coffee straight into your coffee mug then take a look at the Black & Decker'sDCM18S. Not only does it come with a 1-year warranty, it also has a reusable filter system and has an auto power off key.

If you ever see something that looks like and overgrown tea bag, what you are actually looking at is a coffee pod. If you want the high cost stuff then you will most likely have to get the systems that include coffee baskets. These baskets can fit all three dimensions of the coffee pods. Although you can make your own individual pod, it is time consuming and a hit-or-miss proposition; it is better to check if your favorite coffee is available in pods before buying one.One product that uses the pod system is the Melitta MES2R. This machine has the ability to make up to 28 ounces at one time, or if you like it can make a 5 ounce or 8 ounce mug. Full and tasty fresh coffee is made possible because of the 2.2 steam pump.

This coffee unit is one of a kind because it uses a mini-brewer within the unit. It is truly a very easy process, you just put the disc in to the machine and press a switch, that literally all you have to do. The coffee and filter are both carried within the disc. When the machine has finished brewing, you simply remove the spent brewer and throw it in the trash. The most remarkable thing about this system is that the coffee does not come into contact with any part of the unit, therefore, you can have multiple flavors without worrying that they might mix.

If the coffee you love is available then by all means try to get it.
The Keurigs Tea Unit is a good unit to get, even for coffee. The programmable machine offers one-touch brewing, features a 24-hour digital clock and comes with a removable drip tray. It comes with a pack of 72 K-Cups variety pack and one My K-Cup reusable filter.

The cost of coffee is the most important consideration when choosing single serve makers; you pay more for coffee when you buy capsules, cups, pods or discs for single serve coffee machines because you generally have to order your brand of coffee through the machine manufacturer.

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